Year 6

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 6

Y6 — Last Day

(15.7.16)  Our Year 6 children have had a great last day.  Here are a few snapshots of their day.



Y6 Leavers Assembly

(15.7.16)  Our Year 6 pupils performed wonderfully on Thursday 14th in their 'Leavers Assembly'.  Thank you to all parents/carers/guardians/other family members who came along and saw the performance.  We hope you enjoy the video clip below:-



Y6 — Victory Party

(11.7.16) On Monday 4th July, Year 6 spent the day thinking about the end of WW2. We imagined it was VE Day (May 8th 1945) and held a Victory Service. learned a Victory dance and had a street party with sandwiches and cake.

The children looked great in their evacuee outfits - thank you for your support.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Geography Walks

(8.7.16)  Our Year 6 pupils have been enjoying Geography walk's.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Stockport Air Raid Shelters

(8.7.16)  On Thursday 30th June Year 6 visited the tunnel air raid shelters in Stockport. They were able to have a tour of these fascinating shelters where over 6000 people from the Manchester area regularly spent the night during the Manchester Blitz.

They also had an air raid drill and learned about "Make do and mend”.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Y6 — Board Games

(16.6.16) Some of the children in Year 6 have been making their own board games for each other to play. They had to think of a way of including algebraic expressions in the game. They had fun playing each other’s games and voting for the winner.

The winner was "The Race 2 Candyland" by Orladh, Olivia and Rose.




Y6 - History — Mrs Ryle

(15.6.16)  On Friday 20th May, Year 6 had a visit from Mrs Ryle. She brought in her father's kit bag from World War Two and she showed the children all the items in it, explaining what they were for. At the end of her talk, the children were able to handle the items and try on some of the clothing. We would like to thank Mrs Ryle for giving up her time to give us this interesting talk.



Y6 SATs Fun

(13.5.16) Our Year 6 children had great time yesterday after they finished their SATs.  They enjoyed a relaxing fun time on the school field, while the sun was shinning!




Y6 — Easter Cantata

(20.4.16) Year 6 performed a wonderful Easter Cantata for parents/family/friends on Monday 21st March.  The children were fantastic, we have put a video of the performance below, enjoy:-



Y6 — Viking Day

(14.4.16) On Tuesday 8th March, the children in Year 6 spent the day in the company of "Annie the archaeologist" from Touchstones in Rochdale.  She led the children in various activities, acting out scenes from Viking life and learning about their customs, food, and beliefs.  They learned about the Viking invasions of Britain and acted out the legend of King Odin.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Retreat Marist Centre

(10.3.16) On Thursday 3rd March, the Year 6 children went on a Lenten retreat to the Marist Centre in Chorlton for a day of reflection on the theme of “Journeying in the footsteps of Jesus”.  They worked in small groups to prepare posters,  dramas and reflections on this theme.  The word “Marist” is made up of the words “Mary” and “Christ” and the sisters who live at the centre are called to “live the Gospel in Mary’s way”.   Take a look at our photographs to see what the children got up to on our retreat day.




Halle Trip

(10.3.16)  On Tuesday 1st March, Year 6 went to the Bridgewater Hall and listened to the world famous Halle Orchestra in one of their “Halle for Youth” concerts. The theme of the concert was “Science, Revolution and Music” linking in with the fact that Manchester is the European City of Science for 2016. The orchestra played a wide variety of music from different periods of musical history, from Bach right up to music written for computer games. We all enjoyed listening to such a talented group of musicians.



(1.2.16) In Geography the children in Year 6 have been studying the National Parks of Great Britain.  They have worked in a small group learning about a particular park and have given a talk and presentation to their classmates about their park.  As part of this work, the children learned about O.S. maps and symbols and have started to make models of hills using contour lines.



Year 6 — Robinwood Trip

(14.10.15)  Our Year 6 pupils have had a marvellous time at Robinwood on their residential trip this October.  They enjoyed participating in various activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, archery, and many more.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below.