Year 5

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 5

Manchester Art Gallery & Greek Restaurant Trip

On Tuesday 6th June our Year 5 children visited the Manchester Art Gallery followed by a meal at Rozafa Greek restaurant in Manchester, this was as part of their Greek studies this half term.  The children had a wonderful time.   We hope you enjoy the slide show.  (22.6.17)




Y5 — Mannequin Challenge

Year 5 have enjoyed a mannequin challenge during their Christmas party day.  We hope you enjoy the video below.  (19.12.16)




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Year 5 — Science

In science Class 5V have been looking at forces, they have tested the effect of friction on different surfaces all around the school.  (14.12.16)




In science this half term, year 5 have been looking at forces. As part of this topic, the children in 5S made their own parachutes in different sizes and tested the effects of air resistance. We tried our very best to keep the test as fair as possible, but we’re not quite ready to jump out of a plane with them just yet! (25.11.16)



St. Cuthbert's Visit

On Wednesday 16th November, 5S went to St. Cuthbert’s and on Wednesday 23rd November, 5V went to St. Cuthbert’s for a second creative media session. They designed and created their own leaflet, using publisher, to advertise St. Vincent’s. They also had a delicious snack in St. Cuthbert’s canteen. The leaflets were printed before they left and are very professional looking!  (24.11.16)


Class 5S


Class 5V



Jodrell Bank Trip

Year 5 had a very exciting and interesting day at Jodrell Bank on Wednesday 21st September, learning all about the Lovell Telescope, the stars and the planets in our solar system.  They learnt about life in space through Tim Peake’s eyes and experienced an awe inspiring stars and planet show in the planetarium. It was a great day and the visit has inspired lots of the children to be astronomers and astrophysicists!! (27.9.16)


Class 5S 



Class 5V



Class 5S — Martians

In Year 5 this half term, we are studying the book ‘The War of the Worlds’. To link in with this topic, each child has designed and made their very own Martian! We hope they don’t scare you too much with their fantastic creations!!  (27.9.16)