Year 5

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 5

Y5 Bike ability

(8.7.16)  Some of our children in Year 5 took part in the Government approved National Standard for Cycle Training.  They had lots of fun and learnt some very important skills.  The children will be presented with their certificates next week. 




Y5 — Art Gallery & Greek Restaurant Trip

(24.6.16)  Year 5 had an amazing 'Greek' day on Thursday 11th June 2016. We travelled to Manchester Art Gallery to learn about the Greek art they have, experiencing a very interactive workshop led by Hannah. After a very enjoyable morning, we walked to Rosafa Greek Restaurant on Princess Street for a wonderful lunch of pitta and salad, hummus, meatballs, chicken, rice and chips. To burn off all that food, we took part in Greek dancing led by the restaurant staff, before we made our way back to the art gallery.  We would like to say a huge thank you to the art gallery and Rosafa Restaurant staff for a fantastic day.




Y5 — Science — Properties of Materials

(16.6.16)  In science this term, we are learning all about the properties of materials and how the property of a material dictates what we use it for. We had lots of different materials in a feely bag and had to describe the material to our group without looking at it. We then tested each material to see if it was magnetic, flexible, transparent, permeable or hard, recording our results as we went along.



Y5 - We have Butterflies

(15.6.16)  We have butterflies! On the Friday as we broke up for the May Half Term (27.5.16) the children in year 5 released their butterflies into the wild. However, the butterflies in 5V weren’t as old or lively as the butterflies in 5S, so Miss McGuinness is going to look after them and try and let them go again this weekend. There is still one caterpillar in its chrysalis in 5V too! 5S’s butterflies have all flown off to their new habitats! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and we hope they have a lovely half term rest!




Y5 & Reception Pirate Day

(27.5.16) Reception and Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous pirate day together. We teamed up as shipmates and worked side by side to make our own parrots, treasure maps and split pin pirates. After a hearty lunch we sang pirate songs and learned to dance the hornpipe. We finished off our day with some party games and a tasty treat. Thanks to Alicia and Isabella’s Grandma for making us all a yummy cake!




Miss McGuinness' Maths Class

(25.5.16)  In Miss McGuinness’ maths class, the children have been using a number of different skills to design their very own Hogwarts inspired bedroom! The children were given a list of items to choose from; however, they had to scale the measurements down so that they could draw an accurate plan! With a bit of luck, they will be making a mini model of their bedrooms! 

The following day, and working as a team, Miss McGuinness’ maths class actually created their own Hogwarts inspired bedroom based on their plans from yesterday. Not all of the models quite went to plan, but the children worked really well together!

We hope you enjoy the slide show showing both lessons and the end result:-




Year 5

(18.5.16)  Our Rocket seeds are growing!  Today two of our Space Scientists measured the plants and recorded the growth of the tallest ones.  We wonder which ones have been to space...........  Can you guess?


(13.5.16) In science in year 5, we have been looking at living things and their habitats. Both classes have some caterpillars which have grown massively over the last week – they are scaring us a little now! The children are really enjoying watching them grow but we hope that they don’t go into their chrysalises over the weekend! Just in case they do, Miss McGuinness and Mrs McGrail will take them home and try and video the process to show the children on Monday. We will keep you updated with their development!


Mrs. McGrail's Maths Group

(13.5.16)  Well done to the children in Mrs. McGrails Maths Group. They had a random maths test yesterday(12th May), and those children who got full marks received a prize from the prize box, well done children


Class 5V — Creative Media

On Wednesday 11th May, 5V went to St. Cuthbert’s for their final creative media session. They created some fantastic TV adverts, advertising the school and worked really well in their groups! Thanks to Mrs Moore and Mr Brown for all their hard work!



Class 5S — Creative Media

(5.5.16)  Class 5S enjoyed a fabulous day at St. Cuthbert's yesterday creating 'TV Adverts' for the school.  The children were put into groups and had great fun creating their masterpieces.  Mrs. Moore and Mr Brown from St. Cuthbert's were very impressed with the end results.  Thank you St. Cuthbert's for making us all feel so welcome.  We hope you enjoy the slideshow below and hope to have the adverts available soon for you to view. 



Class 5V — Creative Media

(14.4.16)  On Thursday 10th March, 5V (finally) went to St. Cuthbert's for their creative media session. The children were split into groups and each group made a radio jingle, advertised the school and interviewed each other about school life. The groups also had the chance to choose two adverts each and a song to complete their radio clip. A group at a time, the children then went into the recording studio and put their ideas together. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and we can't wait to go back to make our TV adverts in May! Enjoy looking at some of the pictures from our trip and listening to our radio clips! 


  Group 1     

Group 3   

Group 2

Group 4
Group 5   Slide Show


Time Tables Champions

(3.3.16)  Well done to our Year 5 timetables champions this week (ending 26th February), who scored full marks, 12 out of 12, in a ‘mixed bag’ test featuring questions from every times table. Congratulations to Thomas, George, Joshua, Leah, Regan, George, Kodie-Lee and Joseph. Great job!


Class 5V — Wassily Kandinsky

(9.2.16)  This term year 5 have been looking at the abstract artwork of Wassily Kandinsky.  Kandinsky was best known for his abstract paintings featuring geometric shapes with bright colours.  Class 5V worked individually to create a piece of art in his abstract style then all the pieces were joined together to create their final piece entitled Composition XXX.   The piece is on display outside class for the whole school to see.  What can you see in the picture? 



Y5 — World Religions Day

(29.1.16)  To tie in with our work on Hinduism and to mark World Religions Day (17th January), Year 5 presented an assembly to the school on Friday 22nd January about the differences and similarities between the World’s main religions. Although there are 730 religions in the World, we focused on 4 of them - Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. We looked at special clothes worn, holy days of the week, special feast days, names for God and the holy book each religion uses. We finished our assembly with a special video message from Pope Francis, who has called us all to pray for sincere dialogue between men and women of different faiths so that we will enjoy the benefits of peace and justice.  We hope you enjoy the slide show and the video below:-


Video of Assembly



Slideshow Above


Y5  — Hindu Day

(22.1.16) The children in year 5 were lucky enough to spend a whole day learning about the Hindu religion. Mrs Singh spent a day in each class sharing her knowledge with the children. In the morning they learnt how to make their own Chapattis, which everyone enjoyed and most of them loved to taste! After lunch, each child made their own diva lamp out of clay (which they have since decorated). Finally, before the end of the day some of the girls had the chance to dress in traditional Hindu clothing!  Enjoy the photographs…..


Class 5V



Class 5S



Y5 Christmas Party

(18.12.15)  Year 5 had a fantastic time at their Christmas party – lots of dancing, food and games enjoyed by all! 


Y5 Anglo Saxons

(18.12.15)  As part of our work on the Anglo Saxons, the children in Year 5 have made a model of an Anglo Saxon artefact and brought it in to school. The children then had to present a two minute talk about what their model was and how they made it. Many thanks to parents for all your help and support during this homework project.   We hope to add more photographs in the new year.



Holiday Talks

The children in 5S had the nerve racking task of giving a talk to everyone about their favourite holiday destination, to tie in with their half-term long homework project. They all did fantastically well – many thanks to all the parents for their help and support during this task.  (18.11.15)



War of the Worlds Martian Designs

The children in Year 5 have designed and made their own Martians to tie in with our class novel 'War of the Worlds.' After making their models, the children had to pretend to be that Martian and describe what their journey to Earth had been like. We are now in the process of coming together as a Martian government, to discuss what success we have achieved during our invasion of Earth and what things we still need to do in order to achieve world wide domination! (15.10.15)

Class 5V

Class 5S


Year 5 — Trip to Jodrell Bank

On Tuesday 29th September 2015, the children in Year 5 had a very exciting and informative day at Jodrell Bank in Macclesfield, Cheshire. They learnt lots about the Earth and space, how the Lovell Telescope works and what stars and planets we can see in the night sky. We had a great time!   (15.10.15)