Year 4

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 4

Y4 — Assembly — Send My Friend to School

Our Year 4 children had been working extremely hard to practice and perform ready for their assembly all about the fantastic campaign, ‘Send My Friend to School’.  

On Friday 23rd June, they performed it in front of the school and a very special visitor.  We were honoured and delighted to have Liz McInnes, our local MP, visit.  She was mightily impressed and touched by the message in our assembly.

See below the an exert from Liz McInnes speaking in the commons about the assembly.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Click on link below to view Liz McInnes speech in the Houses of Parliament.



Class 4V - Trip to St Cuthbert’s June 2017

On Wednesday 21s t June, 4V visited St Cuthbert’s High School in Rochdale. The children were given the opportunity to make a radio broadcast and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Each pupil spent time in the school’s state of the art studio and chose adverts to be included in their mini radio show. Some children worked on jingles which were also performed and recorded. All six groups produced very professional broadcasts. 

The children in 4V were also treated to drinks, fruit and biscuits in the high school’s canteen. (6.7.17)




Class 4S

Class 4S have been enjoying an active version of noughts and crosses in their indoor PE lessons. (12.4.17)


We hope you enjoy this small video:-




4V — Fundraising

A big thank you, to all the children and parents who supported Class 4V’s fundraising activity on Tuesday 14th March.   We raised a total of £160. The two winners were Evie from 4S and Patrick from 3V.   For many of the children it was their first ever game of bingo!  (16.3.17)


Y4 — Quarry Bank Mill Trip

Year 4 enjoyed a trip back in time on Tuesday 7th March.  They were lucky enough to visit Quarry Bank Mill, a famous cotton mill, in Cheshire.  The children enjoyed a tour around the mill itself, the grounds and also the apprentice house.  It was an excellent trip and the pupils’ behaviour was superb.  Seeing and hearing about the hard work done in the factory by children during the Industrial Revolution has made the children reflect on how lucky we are in St Vincent’s!  (16.3.17)




Y4 — "Please Sir, Can I have some more…..?"

As part of our History topic, last week, the children in Year 4 had the chance to try gruel made to an exact workhouse recipe. Surprisingly, many enjoyed it and asked for ‘seconds’ despite the ingredients consisting of just oats, salt and water!

For their homework, the children had been asked to design an oats based breakfast that would be both healthy and also more appetising than gruel. Many of the children brought their made up recipes in so that we could sample them. Added ingredients included yogurt, milk, apples, dried fruit, apricots, jam, bananas, maple syrup and honey. We also tried some very healthy biscuits and flapjacks.

The Year 4 teachers have sent a big thank you to all the parents who helped in the making of these breakfasts.  We hope to have some photographs from Class 4S soon.   (17.2.17)



Y4 — Neeli Mosque

On Friday 3rd February 2017,  Our Year 4 children really enjoyed their religious visit to Neeli Mosque in Rochdale as part of our topic of Islam. The children were very well behaved and respectful towards their learning about another Faith.  This is a trip that has been a success for a number of years and, as always, the volunteers at the Mosque made us feel very welcome.  Pupils (and staff!) were able to learn more about Islam, the Qur’an and Wudu (washing before prayer).  (8.2.17)




Y4 — Food Bank

The Children in Year 4 had a very special Advent calendar during December. Each day a number was turned over to reveal a photograph of one or two pupils in 4V and 4S. The chosen children then had to bring in something to put in our food bank baskets the following day. The food we collected was taken to the food bank in the week before Christmas. We would like to thank both the children and parents who very generously supported this activity.  (8.2.17)




Y4 French Nativity

Well done to the children in Year 4 for their magnificent performance of the French Nativity on Thursday 15th December.  They have worked extremely hard over the half term in order to perform it for the school and then again for parents and families.  The children acted, narrated and sang in French.  Who knew we had such wonderful linguists?! A big thank you to all of the staff who helped to make this happen, in particular Mrs Gillan whose enthusiasm made this possible! (16.12.16)






Y4 — Lost Thing

2nd December 2016

Year 4 had a wonderful time creating their own Lost Thing based on our current class novel, ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan.  Take a look at our creations!  (14.12.16)




Y4 — Egyptian Day

Year 4 had a fantastic day, learning about the Ancient Egyptians on Monday 14th November.  Through our wonderful visitors from Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre Company, the children took part in a variety of activities including drama and storytelling.  We also looked at different artefacts and learnt what life was like for the poor in Ancient Egypt too.  The children learned a great deal and were very well behaved. (18.11.16)




Y4 — Sarcophagus

During the week before the October half-term the children in Year 4 all gave a short presentation on the sarcophagus they designed and made. Without exception, the presentations and sarcophagi were of a very high standard. Mrs Carnighan and Mr Babbs would like to thank parents for support with this project. Each year we are amazed at the originality of the designs and the care taken in making them. This year we had three made out of cake! Others were made out of cardboard, paper, clay and a whole collection of odds and ends! The presentation was the last part of a homework project started by the children back in September. They have learnt a great deal about ancient Egypt from researching and writing about the subject themselves.  Enjoy the pictures below, we hope to add more soon. (16.11.16)