Year 4

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 4

Class 4S — Making Unicorns

(25.5.16) In Year 4 during this half-term we have being reading ‘I believe in Unicorns’ by Michael  Morpurgo.  The book includes a re-telling of the myth explaining how unicorns got left behind when Noah set sail in his arc.

In our art lessons we made unicorns out of paper mache. It was a long and difficult process and also very messy! Last week  they were finally ready to paint and decorate. Each pupil decided how they would decorate them and as a result we had a class full of very unique unicorns.



Class 4S — 'The Lion and Albert'

(24.5.16)  Year 4  have been reading and preparing poems to read aloud and perform.  We prepared a poem called 'The Lion and Albert' by Marriott Edgar.  We hope you enjoy listening to it.



Y4 — Pirate Day

(24.5.16) Year 4 (and the staff too!), thoroughly enjoyed their pirate singing with the Rochdale Music Service on Friday 13th May.  They certainly looked (and sang) the part and represented the school impeccably!

Enjoy the slide show below:-



Class 4S

(24.5.16)  This term, 4S have been learning to play netball.  For our final lesson, we played lots of matches against each other.  It was great to see all the different skills we have learnt being put altogether.



Y4 Mosque Trip

(20.4.16)  On Thursday 7th April, Year 4 went on a visit to Neeli Mosque in Rochdale.  We were very lucky to have a tour around the Mosque and learn about some significant artefacts.  We participated in Wudu, (the cleansing before prayer) learnt about Islam and heard all about the history of the Mosque.  On our return to school, we enjoyed researching more about Islam.  We made prayer beads, painted our names in Arabic, designed henna patterns and we even got to eat some delicious pakoras made by Mrs Singh.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Taste of the Workhouse

(10.3.16)  During this term, in Year 4 we have been reading ‘Oliver Twist’ and learning about what it was like for the poor who ended up in the workhouse. We decided in would be interesting to try some of the inmates were given to eat.


Surprisingly, many of the year 4 children enjoyed tasting the gruel we made in class and some even asked for ‘More!’ This was even though the gruel was made to an actual workhouse recipe which included just oats, water and salt boiled for ten minutes.

The following day, we made a much healthier recipe chosen from the many excellent breakfasts the children designed using oats as a base.  We had discussed the important of including ingredients from all the different food groups our children know are necessary for a healthy diet.

The recipe we chose to make in 4S was designed by Joseph Bracegirdle and details of how to make it are given below.

Joseph’s Marvellous Muesli

Ingredients — 100g of oats, 100ml apple juice, 40ml  milk, 1 apple, 80g raspberries, 100g yogurt


  1. Mix together the oats, apple juice and milk in a bowl.  2. Grate an apple into a bowl. 3. Add the raspberries and yogurt and mix together. 4. Cover the bowl and leave over night.   

    We hope you enjoy the slide shows below:-




Y4 Chinese New Year Assembly

(2.3.16) On Friday 12th February, Year 4 did their class assembly on Chinese New Year.  The children spoke and sung enthusiastically. Year 4 really enjoyed learning about the race of the animals.  We hope you enjoy the slideshow and video below.








4S — Music Express

(1.3.16) This term in Music, 4S have been working hard to perform poems and join in with the actions.  Here is one of the poems that we have learnt.  We were focussing on feeling the rhythm of this poem.  We hope you enjoy it.



4S — Instruments

(1.3.16) As part of our Science topic on sound, 4S have designed and made their own musical instruments.  We have described how to change the pitch of a sound and looked at how the vibration changes when pitch changes.



Y4 — Sounds

(1.2.16) Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been investigating sound.  We have looked at the different ways in which instruments make sounds and have also investigated how sound travels by making string telephones. We hope you enjoy the slide show:-





Y4 Christmas Concert

(17.12.15)  Year 4 put on a splendid performance of the Nativity, on Monday 14th December, - in French.  They have been working very hard, learning their words and perfecting their French accents and we are very proud of them.  Their singing was outstanding and it was a pleasure to watch the polished performance. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did performing.  Merci beaucoup de St Vincent’s.  Enjoy the video below:-




Egyptian Day

(16.12.15) On Monday 16th November we were visited by the Tempus Fugit Theatre Company for an Egyptian Day. The children were given the chance to act, recite Egyptian poetry and listen to many Egyptian stories. They also learnt about Egyptian society, farming and gods.

The Year 4 children greatly enjoyed this drama based day where they had the opportunity to practise their acting and performance skills.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Class 4S — Football 

(10.12.15) Last term class 4S worked very hard on developing their football skills.  See below photos of them playing a full football match. 



Y4 Science

(18.11.15)  The children have been constructing simple electrical circuits.  There was lots of excitement as the first bulb lit up!



Egyptian Sarcophagi

(Updated 11.11.15) In the week before half-term the children in Year 4 brought in their sarcophagi and explained how they had made them. The models were amazing! The materials used ranged from plastic and cardboard to cake! As you can see from the photographs, a great deal of time and effort was put into making these models and we would like to thank the parents for their support with this project.  Here are just some of them in the slide show below:-



(More photographs added 18.11.15)


(Oct 2015)  Year 4 have been studying different 3D shapes and identifying their properties.  We have sorted them into different groups using Venn diagrams and even made some 3D shapes of our own.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-