Year 3

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 3

Hopwood Hall Visit — Meerkats

(12.7.16)  Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Hopwood Hall on Thursday 7th July.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-




Y3 — Pirate Day

(24.5.16)  On Friday 13th May, the boys and girls in Year 3 set off on the Jolly Roger for Pirate Day at the Rochdale Music Centre. They sang about their trip over the seven seas before eventually reaching land ahoy. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and after two hours of fantastic singing were ready to return to port. We hope you enjoy the slide show.

Y3 — Trip to Pizza Express

(20.5.16)  On Wednesday 18th May, the boys and girls in 3S thoroughly enjoyed themselves making Pizza Margherita at Pizza Express. They learnt about the role of the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) and what ingredients are required to make a pizza. This was a successful conclusion to our Science topic on Food and Nutrition.



Y3 Wedding at Cana

(14.4.16)  The boys and girls in Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon celebrating the Wedding Feast at Cana!  There was a beautiful bride with her bridesmaids and a handsome groom supported by his best friends.  Among the guests were Jesus and his mother, Mary.  After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed food and wine, until the wine ran out!  Mary saved the day when she had a quiet word with Jesus.  There were cheers all round when the guests found that the very best wine had been saved till last, and the dancing went on long into the afternoon. 

What did we learn as we acted out scenes from Jesus’ first miracle?  We learned to listen to Mary’s advice: ‘Do whatever He tells you.’  As we move through Lent, Year 3 plan to listen carefully to whatever Jesus is saying.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-





World War One Workshop

(16.12.15)  Year 3, enjoyed a marvellous World War One Workshop on Monday 7th December.  The children met Mr. B, a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps from 1914, who brought his kitbag and stretcher with him.  After making an interactive timeline, the children practised first aid techniques on each other.  Next it was time to bake ANZAC cookies, a favourite biscuit that wives and mothers often made to send to their loved ones at the Front.  Then the children explored the heavy kitbag to discover what the typical soldier had to carry on his back.  It was great fun learning together about this significant part of our history and, in the middle of our laughter, we also took a moment to feel thankful that ordinary people had risen to this extraordinary task a century ago.




Advent Concert

(8.12.15) Our Year 3 children performed a wonderful "Advent Service" to parents/carers on Thursday 3rd December, it was a true reflection of the religious values of the school.  Thank you to everyone who came along to support this event.  Wee hope you enjoyed your evening.  Enjoy the video below:-



Norden War Memorial Walk

(19.11.15)  The children of Year 3 marched proudly to the Norden War Memorial on 11th November.  In literacy and history they have been learning about the First World War, its devastating effect on local families and the glimpse of peace the soldiers shared at Christmas 1914.  Every child prepared a poppy and a prayer to string around the memorial, a small gesture of gratitude towards those who paid a mighty price for peace.