Year 2

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 2

China Replies

The Year 2 children enjoyed reading their replies from their Chinese pen pals.  (14.7.17)




Toy Party

Last month Year 2 were very busy making some yummy cakes and sandwiches, not just for themselves but for their toys too. They had a tea party up in the big hall and ate all the delicious snacks. I think the toys enjoyed the party too…! (22.6.17)



Y2 — May, month of Mary

The children have been crowning May every morning and afternoon throughout the month of May.  (22.6.17)



Y2 — Toys Adventures in Space — May 2017

Year 2's toy adventure started with their toys going off to space, they then received a special message from one of our toys who didn't make it to space, as well as a special video link from their toys in space to advise when they would return.  Finally the toys came from space and Year 2 were surprised to see all their toys float down from space on balloons….the children all had very happy faces. The children made hot seats and interviewed each others toys.  Enjoy the photographs.  (21.6.17)



Y2 — Dragon Day

On Friday 7th April, our Year 2 children celebrated the end of their dragon topic by having a Dragon Day.  On this day the children came dressed as a dragon.  They looked fantastic.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.  (12.4.17)




Y2 — Poetry

During our unit of poetry we've been writing and performing dragon poems.  What wonderful poets we are!! Grrrrr….….  (27.3.17)



Y2 — Prayer and Worship

Year 2 have been listening to Bible stories about God.  (16.3.17)



Y2 — Night time Walk

 On a moonlit night when the stars are out ......our year 2 children had a walkabout ......on Tuesday 17th January.  They had a lot of fun investigating the school at night.  We hope you enjoy the slide show.  (27.1.17)





Y2 — Trip to Dunham Massey

On Wednesday 9th November as part of Year 2's topic on families, where they are studying how families celebrated Christmas in Victorian times, they visited Dunham Massey.  They enjoyed a Victorian Christmas workshop.  The children will spend the day working with the staff at Dunham Massey to prepare the house for Christmas. Throughout the day the children played the part of servants helping to prepare for a grand country house Christmas. After meeting the existing servants, they were put to work below stairs preparing traditional Christmas treats. Each child was treated to a hands-on experience of one of the following activities: 1. making Christmas crackers or miniature wreaths, 2. baking festive buns, 3. creating pomanders, or 4. making biscuits and Christmas boxes.  Outside, the children assisted the Gamekeeper in finding the poacher on Lord Stamford’s estate. Along the way they discovered some of the outdoor Christmas tasks servants performed. At the end of the visit they decided whether to inform the Gamekeeper that they know the identity of the poacher. They had a marvellous time.  We hope you enjoy the photographs.  (16.11.16)




Y2 — 'Nick Butterworth Day'

On Friday 21st October our Year 2 children enjoyed a ‘Nick Butterworth Day’.  The children came dressed as a character from their guided reading book.  They had a fabulous day.  We hope you enjoy the pictures. (16.11.16)




Y2 — Reply Letters

Year 2 enjoyed reading their parents responses to how hard we are all working in Year 2. Lets make sure we keep up all the hard work, we hope you enjoy the slide show below.  (18.10.16)