Year 2

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 2

Year 2 — The Jolly Postman

(14.7.16)  Year 2 gave a fantastic performance to parents/guardians on Wednesday 6th July.  Thank you to everyone who came along to see it.  We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:-




Float, Sink — Investigation

(8.7.16)  On one of the fine days during June, Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon outside to do a 'Float, Sink Investigation'.



Y2 — Jolly Post Man

(25.5.16)  Year 2 have been helping "The Jolly Post Man" read, write and delivery his post.



Y2 — Crowning of Mary

(25.5.16) Year 2 has taken it in turns to Crown Mary each day through the Month of May. 



Y2 — Toys Back From Space

(3.5.16) Our Year Two children had a fabulous surprise when their toys came back from space on Friday 29th April after the adventure!!  We all enjoyed a lovely party with them.  Enjoy the pictures:-



Y2 — Reply Letters

(20.4.16)  Year 2 were delighted with their letters from parents about their work.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Y2 Dragon Day

(14.4.16)  Year 2 had a fantastic time at the Dragon party on Friday 18th March, the costumes were amazing ! Thank you .




Manchester Art Gallery

(15.3.16)  On Tuesday 8th March, Year went to visit the Manchester Art Gallery.  They had a fantastic time.   Enjoy the pictures.


Night Time

(22.1.16)  To support our night time topic Year 2 had a fantastic evening exploring school 'by night'.  We wore our pyjamas, brought a teddy & even used a torch to help us see in the dark ! We had a wonderful time - all finished off with a cookie & hot chocolate!



(6.1.16)  Year 2 have had a exciting parcel to open from Santa. We opened some fantastic books and had a little peep at them, we will spend more time looking at them over the next few weeks. They are all about 'night time'!  Also in the parcel was 'Plop'  he will be with us for a few weeks as well! Enjoy the pictures below:-



Nick Butterworth Day

(10.12.15)  The children had great fun on Friday 20th November during Nick Butterworth Day.  They all looked amazing, thank you for supporting this day.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Trip To Dunham Massey

(3.12.15) Year 2 had an amazing time at Dunham Massey. They enjoyed a  lovely walk in the grounds then experienced some wonderful activities, they included making Victorian Christmas cards, baking ginger biscuits , baking chocolate bread and Christmas Pomanders.  Enjoy the pictures.



Pumpkin Soup

(18.11.15)   Year 2 children made pumpkin soup this week. The inspiration came from the book 'Pumpkin Soup' written by Helen Cooper which the children have been exploring in literacy in Year 2 .



Bread Making

(18.11.15)   Year 2 got their hands dirty making bread. The children explored the textures of the wheat and even had the chance to become real scientists and grind the wheat down. The smell of the bred over took the whole school and had everyone's mouth watering!



Science Visit to Year 6 

(18.11.15)   Year 2 were kindly invited up to Year 6 as part of a science lesson. Year 6 showed Year 2 their amazing creations using battery powered bleep toys.



Reply Letters

(18.11.15)  Your children loved reading the replies you wrote to your wonderful children after parents evening. 



Special Visitors in Year 2

(7.10.15)  The children have loved the chicks visiting them, we hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Year 2 have had some special visitors this week.  The children have been very excited and delighted to welcome them.  We hope you enjoy the video below.