Year 1

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 1

America Day

(8.7.16) On Thursday 23rd June, Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic American Day were they did a selection of craft activities and had an American style lunch followed by an afternoon of dancing in the sunshine.



Mrs Hoyle Talk

(8.7.16)  Mrs Hoyle kindly came into school to talk to all the year 1 children about what it was like to visit the seaside when she was a little girl.


Y1 — Volcano Eruption

(18.5.16)  We have been learning about the natural features within the USA.  We have learnt that some volcanoes in America can erupt. We have made one of our own and carried out an exciting experiment.


Y1 — Outdoor Learning Area

(18.5.16)  Some of our Year 1 children have been enjoying their outdoor play area up in Year 1.


Y1 — Gruffalo Day

(3.5.16) On Friday 22nd April, Year 1 enjoyed a Gruffalo day. They have been focusing on the Gruffalo over the past weeks and hope to finish this topic with lots of fun educational activities relating to the book.  As part of this day, the children came into school dressed as their favourite Gruffalo character. They dressed as either a Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake and of course the Gruffalo.  Thank you for supporting this day, the children looked wonderful in their fabulous outfits. We hope you enjoy the slideshow below.





Y1 Gardening Centre Opening

(26.4.16)  During the summer term, year 1 will be starting their new science topic based all around plants.  Outside in our new shelter we have been working hard to set up our very own garden centre.  Mr. Callaghan had the pleasure of officially opening our garden centre by giving the children a speech and cutting open the ribbon.  The children did a great job of being waiters and waitresses by serving drinks and nibbles to our guests.  We had great fun!  We hope you enjoy the slide show and video below:-



Y1 Gruffalo — Literacy

(14.4.16) Year 1 have started a new topic in Literacy centred around the book The Gruffalo. We have thrown ourselves into the story by acting it out using puppets, using adjectives to describe the characters and painting fantastic pictures in our new outdoor area! Both the children and staff have loved it!

We hope you enjoy the short slideshow. 



Y1 Prayer and Worship

(14.4.16)  As the children approached Easter, they learnt the Lord ’s Prayer. Today during prayer and worship we discussed what the prayer means and why Jesus taught it to his disciples. We then went into the playground and thought about what God wants from us. We let out thoughts go together in heaven. 





Y1 Trip to Eureka

(16.12.15) On Tuesday, 10th November the children in Year 1 enjoyed a trip out to Eureka.  They had an amazing day of exploration.  The trip accompanied our autumn term science topic – All About Me. The children had been learning all about their senses and how they help us to make sense of the world around them. On our trip the children explored the ‘All About Me’ gallery and our favourite parts included the body scanner, the trip to the dentist and cycling alongside the skeleton. In the afternoon the children were able to explore the rest of the museum, having the chance to cook in the kitchen, go shopping in Marks and Spencer’s, put petrol in their cars and most excitingly – make their own money in the bank! All of the children were well behaved and we had a fantastic day! We would also like to thank the governors and parent helpers for helping out on the day.



More photographs added (above) (16.12.15)



No Pens Wednesday

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in No Pens Wednesday on the 7th October.  All the children enjoyed acting out the story On the Way Home. They had a range of fun activities throughout the afternoon to encourage them to talk and not use their pens. 

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below.  (10.11.15)