General Information


St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.


The school requires that the children are sent to school clean and dressed neatly and in black shoes. School dress is encouraged and consists of the following.

Girls: grey skirt, grey trousers, white blouse and navy jumper/cardigan. In summer a gingham dress may be worn.

Boys: grey trousers, white shirt and navy jumper.

Year 6 pupils wear a black jumper/cardigan.

I would also like to remind you that children are required to wear black shoes, not trainers or any kind or pumps. 


Girls Tights

Rec-Y5 - Navy or Grey tights.

Y6 - Black tights.


School Uniform Stock -  

School uniform (cardigans & jumpers) can now be purchased from Top Form at 51-53 Drake Street, Rochdale. Lancashire. You can order on line from them .(19.9.17).

Items the school have in stock permanently in school are Ties, School Bags, School PE Bags and Water Bottles.  Please only buy these from the school office and no outside company.

Please ensure your child's name is on all school uniform. We regularly  have items in lost property in school. Any lost items of uniforms without names are placed in the lost property bins. These are located around school. 

Any unclaimed items of uniform are donated to charity at the end of each term. 


PE Clothing

Proper clothing and footwear are essential in all PE lessons and games for reasons of health and safety.  Click here for link to view what the full PE uniform consists of.

The children need an indoor kit for PE kit for gym work and an outdoor kit for  games on the field/playground.

All children must change for PE and they will not be allowed to participate unless they change. Stocking feet, bare feet or shoes are not appropriate for PE.

All children are expected to participate in PE and games unless they have a doctor's note excusing them. 


Lost Property

Please can you ensure your child's name is on each item of school uniform.  If your child misplaces an item of clothing, please can you check and reclaim any lost property in the lost property bins located around school, they are located under the shelter in the main yard, under the bike shelter outside the Y6 classrooms and under the canopy outside the Reception/Y1 Classrooms, as these bin will be emptied regularly.  Please note the Office Reception does not store any lost property.