Summer Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Summer Term

Y1 - Concert 30th June 2015

The children in year 1 have given a fantastic performance. They shared their favourite stories from year and sang amazingly. The children really enjoyed singing at full volume for the whole of the performance. They were excellent. 

We hope you enjoy the video below:- 


Y2 - Giant Day - July 2015

Year 2 had a fantastic day celebrating ' Giant day '.

We used our imagination and dressed up as ' Giants'. We made giant food and had a picnic in the afternoon. We even performed our own Giant song .

Enjoy the pictures below:- 


Y1/Y2 - Transition to Year 2 - July 2015

Our Year 2 children invited Year 1 children to their classrooms - they had the responsibility of showing them the areas, talking about Billy bookworm, the planets, knigh knigh numeracy, Lue Lue literacy, their beanstalks & lots more.

Enjoy the pictures in the slide show.


Y3/Y4 - Who Am I ? Poetry Day - July 2015

WHO AM I ????

Smooth Talker

Joke Cracker

Rhyme Maker

Rhythm Beater

Laugh Creater

Poem Writer

Who Am I?

Iain Bland of course!!!

The Year 3 and Year 4 children have a fun filled day and learned how to create and perform different styles of poetry with local poet Iain Bland.

W e hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 

Y3 - Geography Walk - June 2015

Where have all the farm and mills gone?

The Year 3 children explored the local area on Tuesday 30th June and learned about life in the past in Norden.

Cotton mills and local farms have been replaced with houses, houses and more houses! 

We looked at the many facilities which Norden provides for families moving into the area today.  It is a great place to live.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y6 Victory Party - 24th June 2015

Victory Party and Stockport Shelters

To conclude our History topic, we had two special events in Year 6. On Wednesday 24th June the children celebrated the end of the war with a Victory service and party. They learned to dance the Victory Reel and had sandwiches, jelly and a special VE day cake. On Thursday 25th June we visited the tunnel air raid shelters at Stockport and experienced what it would have been like to visit them as an evacuee. On both days the children looked wonderful in their evacuee outfits - thank you very much for your help.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


CARITAS Mass - June 2015

Caritas Mass at Salford Cathedral



Gabriel and Cydnee joined many young people and their teachers at Salford Cathedral last week for a special 'thank you' mass, celebrated by Bishop John Arnold.  The Bishop thanked the people there for all their hard work in raising funds for SJP, which goes to CARITAS to help children and families in our own diocese of Salford.

The current total for SJP is £5213.27.  Thank you everyone for being so generous. 



Y4 - Visit MP Liz McInnes - 19th June 15

The MP’s Visit

On Friday 19th June our MP Liz McInnes visited the school. She was here to see the Year 5 assembly which she had unfortunately missed because of the election on 7th May. Children from Caldershaw Primary School also formed part of the audience.

Our MP told us that she was unaware of the campaign before attending the assembly but was going to do everything she could to support global education in the future.  Liz was very impressed with the children’s performance and asked if she could have her photograph taken with the ‘world leaders’.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


School Sports Week - 15th-19th June 15

Thank you to all the children at St. Vincent’s for making National Sports week a huge success.  The children took part in a range of activities over the course of the week, competing in their house groups.  The events included mixed football matches, shot put, discus, rounders, ball throw, long Jump, hurdles, sprint, bean bag race, egg & spoon race and the sack race.  Over the week scores where collected from each year group to produce the end result.  Barlow is the winning house group for 2014-15. 

I would like to give a special mention to the year 6 Sports Leaders who organised all the events.  The children gave up their entire week to provide a fun filled School Games Week.   It is due to them that the games where a great success. 

I look forward to next years School Games week and the current year 5 Sports Leaders following on from a successful week.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 5V - Dissecting Flowers - June 2015

Class 5V dissected some flowers as part of our science topic, to revise how flowers reproduce as part of our 'Living Things and Their Habitats' topic. We identified the male and female organs, even finding the eggs, which turn into seeds after fertilisation has occurred. We also learnt how bees and butterflies play a vital role in this fertilisation through the process of pollination. 


School Council London - June 2015

The School Council had a fantastic trip to London on Friday 12th June. They were treated to snacks by Virgin trains before touring central London. They delivered their Send my Friend to School letters to the Prime Minister and had a  wonderful tour of the Houses of Parliament. All the children and staff had a great time sightseeing.  Even though it was a very hot day, all the children were so well behaved and should remember this special trip for a very long time.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y3 - Communion - 6th June 15

Sacrament of Holy Communion

Congratulations to all the children who received Holy Communion for the first time on Saturday 6th June.  It was a beautiful occasion.  Thank you to everyone involved in preparing the children for this very special event.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y6 - Slime - June 2015


On Friday 5th June we were delighted to have a visit from one of our school governors, Mrs Thetford, who came in to give the children a Science lesson based around our topic of materials. The children revised work on solids, liquids and gases and reversible and irreversible change. They also learned about polymers and they will now be able to tell you how nylon got its name. They finished the lesson by mixing two liquids together to make slime which they were able to take home with them. We would like to thank Mrs Thetford for giving up her time to come in to school for an enjoyable lesson.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y2 - Dragon Party - May 2015

Year 2 had a fantastic time at our Dragon Party .

Enjoy the pictures below:-


Je Vous Salue Marie - May 15

During the month of May, children, Y6 Chaplains and staff prayed a decade of the rosary, each lunchtime in the library.

The children took turns to lead the prayers and the teachers and chaplains gave the thought for each day.

This was a  joyful way to honour our Heavenly Mother.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y3 Trip to Pizza Express
"Queen of Pizzas" - May 2015

Year 3 had a great visits concluding their Science topic at Pizza Express.  Each child learned how to make the 'Queen of Pizzas' - (Margherita) and then sampled the delights of their endeavours.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Rec - May Pole - May 2015

May Pole Dancing

The Reception children enjoyed a dance around the maypole with Pre-School and our Special Friends. It was super to show the little ones how to skip in time to the music and keep hold of the ribbons. In the afternoon the sun came out, so we danced outside and enjoyed a biscuit too. We also learned how to skip in and out, shake our ribbons and do a turn! Lots of lovely fun!

We hope you enjoy the video and slide show:- 



Slide Show



May Procession - 18th May 2015

Although it rained on Monday 18th May it did not dampen the spirits of anyone!  Children from each class read a prayer they had composed to Mary.  The recorder group played and the whole school sang beautiful hymns to Our Heavenly Mother.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 5V - St. Cuthbert's Media Visit - May 2015

St Cuthbert's:

The children in 5V visited St. Cuthbert's on Wednesday 13th May to use their ICT facilities.  We learnt how to make a promotional advertisement using Powerpoint and Moviemaker to advertise our school.  Many thanks to Mrs. Moore and Mr. Brown for a very informative and enjoyable morning.  

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y5 - Science - Forces - May 2015

In Science, Year 5 have been investigating the effects of different forces.  The children investigated the effects of air resistance by dropping paper helicopters of different sizes to see if size affected the speed they dropped. We also investigated the force of friction by measuring with a force metre how long it would take to move a kilogram weight on different surfaces such as the table, the path and the adventure playground surface. Finally, we investigated the force of water resistance by dropping a ball of play dough into water and timing how long it took to reach the bottom, then flattening the play dough and dropping it in the water again to see if it took longer.  We have also looked at famous scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo and their work on forces.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y3 - Holy Spirit We Welcome You - May 2015

The Year 3 children reflected on the seven gifts and nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.  They offered beautiful thoughts, relating the real fruits they tasted, to the fruits of the Spirit.

We hope you enjoy the slide show.


Y3 - Speak Up - May 2015

Year 3 talks are progressing nicely.  Well done to those children who have delivered their talk so far.  Thank you to all parents for your support.

We hope you enjoy the slide shows.


New Slide show added (5.6.15)



Walk, Run, Jog - St Joseph's Penny             

More photographs added today 20th May.

If you have any sponsor money to return to school for this event, please can you do so asap.  Once all money in we can let you know what our grand total is.

Thank you for your support so far.

We had a wonderful sponsored event on Friday 1st May where the children took part in our walk, run or jog event for St. Joseph's Penny.  Well done children you did exceptionally well.

Please remember to return your sponsor money to school asap and we will be able to give you a total of what was raised.

Enjoy the short slide show.

Thank you


Y5 - Send My Friend to School Assembly - May 2015


For the last nine years St Vincent’s RC Primary School has supported the ‘Send My Friends to School’ global campaign for education. Despite promises made by world leaders in 2000 to ensure all primary aged children get the opportunity to go to school by the year 2015, there are still 58 million children for whom this is not possible.

On the evening of Thursday 7th May (and for the whole school on Friday 8th May) the pupils in Year 5 performed a special assembly to consider what should happen next to try to ensure education for all the world’s children.

This year’s campaign is especially important as in September world leaders will meet again to discuss the future of primary education around the world. The ‘Send My Friend Campaign’ are asking school pupils around the world to send 2D and 3D cardboard world leaders to their governments with messages of what they would do if they were world leaders .

Our assembly included a short play in which the children from St Vincent’s manage to get into the United Nations in September and are able to give their messages about global education directly to our world leaders. The pupils showed them slides with the photos of children from our school that nine years ago campaigned for this goal. These children, now 18, are following diverse career paths; many will be heading off to university to study topics including Physics, Bio Chemistry, Zoology and Journalism.  The play clearly pointed out that, without an education, children are denied a proper future. It is explained that over half of the children who don’t get to school currently are in areas of conflict like Syria. Also that if the slow rate of progress continues it will be 2086 before global primary education is achieved.

We also recognised the support given by the late Jim Dobbin MP, who very kindly each year, supported us by attending assemblies, football matches and any other activities; we organised to raise awareness of the need for education for all children. Mrs Pat Dobbin attended the assembly on the Thursday evening.

We are very pleased that, once again the school councillors from St Vincent’s will be going to Downing St. to present our message to the government.

We hope you enjoy the video below:-



Y3 - Hopwood College Visit - May 2015

Animal Magic at Hopwood Hall

Year 3 had a brilliant time learning about handling all sorts of creatures during their visit to the Centre for LifeSciences at the MIddleton Campus of Hopwood College.

They particularly enjoyed looking at the meerkats which supported our literacy text Meerkat Mail.

We hope you enjoy the short video below:- 


We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-. 



Y2 - Dragons Arrival - April 2015

The egg has hatched - so exciting - our new arrival is a dragon.

Year 2 are having lots of fun with their new arrival.

Enjoy the pictures.


Y3 - Coop Visit - April 2015

Follow That Food.....

The Year 3 children enjoyed a trip to our local CO-OP in April.  They discovered everything they needed for a healthy balanced diet.  The visit reinforced their knowledge of the main food groups which they have been learning about in science.

We hope you enjoy the photographs. 


Y3 - Maths Pictures - April 2015

How well do I know my 4 times tables?

Mrs. Threlfall's maths group played a game using card with multiples of 4.  The game was played in pairs.  One child tried to work out the answer and their partner checked it on a calculator.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. 


Y2 - Reply Letters - April 2015

Your children really enjoyed reading your replies to their letters about what they have achieved so far in Year 2.

Thank-you !

We hope you enjoy the pictures.