Spring Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Spring Term

Tea with the Bishop - Mar 14



Catholic School Mission Week Competition

As a prize for winning the Catholic School Mission Week Competition, Stephanie and two of her friends from school had tea with Bishop Brain at Wardley Hall on Thursday 13th March. The children enjoyed a tour of his residence and even saw the skulled remains of Ambrose Barlow who is the name of one of our Houses at school.

Stephanie designed a poster to reflect Our Faith is a Joyful Faith. The competition was run Diocese wide in October 2013.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y6 - Trip to Halle - 18th March 14

On Tuesday 18th March, the children from Year 6 visited the Bridgewater Hall, in Manchester to listen to a concert organised by the Hallé Education Project and performed byManchester’s world renowned Hallé Orchestra.  The children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y3 - Trip to Ribchester Museum - 10th March 14

The Romans Are Here!!

The children and staff enjoyed a fun and informative day at the Ribchester Museum and village as they delved into Roman history on Monday 10th March.

As well as replica artefacts, actual artefacts were also available for observing and handling.  The children particularly enjoyed exploring the remains of Roman Baths.

See slide show below of the visit:-


Class 1V - Gruffalo Day - Feb '14

Class 1V had a great time learning all about the Gruffalo!  We celebrated the end of the topic with a super Gruffalo day - we hope you enjoyed our Gruffalo biscuits.  We completed some great art work on the day and Miss Lonergan made a special Gruffalo cake.  We like the Gruffalo so much that we can tell the story without the book!  We hope you enjoy the movie below:- 



Y2 - Dragon Arrival - March '14

Year 2 found a huge golden egg in the classrooms.  Finally it has hatched.  They now have a baby dragon to teach.  Lets hope we're not too good at teaching it how to breath FIRE!!!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y2 - Pancake Making - March '14

Year 2 had great fun making pancakes !

Enjoy the slide show below:-


Y2 - Flavoured Bread - Feb '14

Year 2 have  enjoyed making different flavours of bread , they could choose from tomatoes, raisins, cheese, chocolate & herbs 

We have accessed all areas of the curriculum.

We hope the children will bake you some bread at home, recipe below:-

Enjoy the slide show. 


Rec - Rocky's Visit - Mar '14

As part of our topic on people who help us, we have had a vets as a role play.  Rocky - Mrs. Finc's dog came to visit us.  We learnt how to look after dogs and why they might have to go to the vets. 

Rocky had a woof-enderful time, and the children were very excited about their visitor.   

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 6V - Art Based on Kensuke's Kingdom - Feb '14

The children in Class 6V have produced some wonderful pastel pictures on Kensuke's Kingdom having worked at artwork in the style of Hokusai - a Japanese artist.  We hope you enjoy the slide show below of some of their work. 

They have also produced some wonderful descriptive writing, a written 'log' about the despair or joy felt at key moments in the text.  Click here to view what some of the children have written.  


Choral Speaking Group - 3rd Mar '14

Honours - Choral Speaking Group - 3rd March '14

Congratulations to the Choral Speaking Group who won their section at the Rochdale Music Festival with honours at Rochdale Town Hall. They gave a fantastic rendition of their poem and we are very proud of their achievement. Well done children.

Y1 - Gruffalo Day - Feb '14

On Friday 14th February, Year 1 enjoyed a Gruffalo day making Gruffalo biscuits, amazing collages of characters from the story, headdresses and colouring activities. What a fun day we had!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


KS2 Disco Fun - 28th February '14

The disco was a great success on Friday 28th February . The PTA worked very hard to produce a very successful evening.   The children enjoyed music, hot dogs, children's tattoos, bubble machine, sweets & drinks !  The parents who wished to stay enjoyed our bar area!  We raised a fantastic £317.76  for our school.  Many thanks who all involved!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y5 - Science - How Does the Heart Work? - Feb '14

As part of our Literacy unit on explanatory texts and to link with our work in science, Year 5 has been learning about how the heart works. To gain a better understanding of this, we watched a dissection of an ox’s heart, looking at the left and right atria and ventricles, the aorta and the valves. Later in the week, we will be writing our own explanatory texts about how the heart the works. 

Click slide show below to view pictures of the day:-


Y5 - Literacy - "Off By Heart" - Feb '14

In Literacy this term, Year 5 took up the ‘Off by Heart’ challenge, to learn a narrative poem off by heart. The children had five days to learn the thirty six line poem, ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare. They then had to recite the poem without notes and were marked on their performance. Here is a film of their work. Many thanks to parents for their help and support whilst the children completed this challenge. 

Video 1 Below:-




Video 2 Below:-



Video 3 Below :-



Y3 - Plant Investigation - Feb ' 14

How do we keep our Plants Healthy??

The Year 3 children are carrying out investigations to see if plants can live healthily without water, leaves or sunlight.

Plants are being observed during the course of three weeks and measurements and observations are being recorded, watch this space.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y2 - Bread Making - Feb '14

To tie in with the feeding of the five thousand and the great fire of London, Year 2 have been making bread! 

Enjoy the pictures!


Y5 - Assembly Inspiration - Feb '14

'Inspirational People'

On Friday 7th February, to link with their RE topic ‘Inspirational People’, Year 5 led the school in an assembly. We talked about people who are inspirational to us, both in public and in our own lives and about what qualities inspirational people possess. We told everyone the story of our year group saint, Saint Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped from Sudan when she was eight years old and sold into slavery. We then concluded our assembly by looking at how Jesus inspired her and us to lead better lives and we shared prayers we had written with the school.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below, along with some video clips of the assembly.

Slide Show:-



Video 1




Video 2




Video 3





Y2 - Weighing and Measuring - Jan '14

Y2 Fun

We had fun weighing & measuring using standard units.  It would be a great help to your child if they could weigh & measure at home.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y2 - Toys Are Back - Jan '14


The children in Year 2 are delighted, as the toys are back after their wonderful adventure in space !

Enjoy the slide show !


School Choir - Young Voices Concert - Feb '14

Young Voices Concert - Phones4U Stadium

The school choir had a brilliant time at the young Voices 2014 concert on Monday 3rd February. They sang their hearts out and behaved really well. Thank you to all parents and friends who came along to support us. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show and videos below:-


Video 1



Video 2



Ramp Up The Red - Fundraising Day for the British Heart Foundation.

The school held a Non uniform day on Friday 7th February.

All the children dressed up in something red, it was a fantastic success, we raised a whopping £509.08.

Each child received a rosy red apple to promote healthy eating.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this worthy cause. 


Y3 - The Wedding Feast at Cana - Feb '14

Oh No!! There Is No Wine Left!!

The Year 3 children enjoyed a last minute invitation to the Wedding Feast at Cana on Tuesday 4th February.  Fortunately, as in the past, Jesus was on hand to ensure the wine flowed (aka juice)!!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 1S - Rugby Fun - Feb '14

Class 1S - Dance & PE - Rugby Fun with Mr. Pogson

Class 1S have enjoyed learning some rugby ball skills with Mr Pogson. We have practised running with the ball, throwing the ball from the pointed ends and trying to catch it.  It has been good fun even when the weather has been freezing cold!

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below:-


Y4 - Creating & Editing Pictures - Jan '14

This term, the children in Year 4 have been creating and editing pictures.  The children designed their own Ballon D'Or poster and superimpose picture.  We hope you enjoy looking at our work.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below:-


Grand Opening - Reception 'Playscape'
- 24th Jan '14

On Friday 24th January the 'Grand Opening Ceremony' of the new Reception/Year 1 playground took place. Mr. Jim Dobbin MP was the guest of honour who cut the ribbon to officially open the playground. The children from Reception and Year 1 were joined by the children from the Pre-School who all received a balloon and a cake to mark the event. The School Wind Band played a superb rendition of "Fanfare Open-up" - which added a real sense of occasion to the event.

A big thank you to everyone who made it such a special and memorable occasion......

We hope  you enjoy the slide show and videos below:-


Video 2:-



Slide show :-





Class 1V - Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Jan '14

To introduce our new Science topic of 'Light and Dark', Class 1V had great fun playing pin the tail on the donkey.  Mrs. Green was not very good!  But the children were brilliant.

Click below to see the slide show:-


Class 1S - Dance Fun! - Jan '14

We have been learning new rhythmic gymnastics ribbon techniques during PE. So far, we can make the ribbons ‘rainbow’, ‘spiral’ and ‘snake’. Soon we’ll be trying to control the ribbon at different heights, during jumps and whilst balancing! 

We hope you enjoy the slide show and video below:-


Slide show:-



Class 1S - 'March of the Penguins'

As part of our winter theme, we made these fabulous penguins from plastic bottles, cotton wool, black paper, feathers, orange felt and googly eyes. Well done children!

We hope you enjoy the  slide show below:- 


Y3 - Rocky Road Maths - Dec '13

The children in Year 3 enjoyed some delicious rocky road maths recently.  Their measuring, estimating and calculating skills were rewarded with something very tasty to take home! 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Class 1S - Prayer & Worship - Jan '14

In class prayer and worship we talked about Baptism and how we could serve each other and God. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 1S - Constructing Granny House - Jan '14

Class 1S have had a great time constructing Granny’s house from bricks, sticks, crates, pegs and a huge variety of materials. We’ve had some imaginative ideas for the cottage…..a front and back door, a fridge in the kitchen, a bridge over the river (a bit like a drawbridge) and of course a loo in its own outdoor privy!!!   We think Granny would love to live in one of our creations.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below:-


Y2 - Toys in Space - Jan '14

"Dear Children,

We are having an amazing time in space.  We can't wait to tell you all about it.  See you soon.  Wish you were here.

Love - Your Toys" 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Class 1S - Visit Little Red Riding Hood Granny - Jan '14

Class 1S were delighted to welcome Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny into class on Monday 13th January.  She told us all about her story and we asked lots of questions.  Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood is really called Brenda and she goes to Forest School?  Granny told us how much she likes fresh air and red wine and that’s why she has no wrinkles, despite being 77 years old!!!!!! We asked her if she could come with Little Red Riding Hood next time.  We do hope so!

We hope you enjoy the slideshow and video of the day below:-


Slideshow of the day.......



Class 1V - Playscape Fun - Jan '14

Class 1V were very excited to be the first class to use the new play area.  We had a great time - they exclaimed!!

The playscape is part funded by the Lottery Fund. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-