Spring Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Spring Term

Whole School - Stations of the Cross - Holy Week

The Stations of the Cross was an interactive experience for all the children in the school during Holy Week.  Each class chose one of the fourteen stations and interpreted it through song, drama, art and liturgy.  Thank you to the parishioners who supported us in this. 

Please click here to see letter from one of our parishioners.  

Y3 - Passover Meal - March 2013

Passover Meal

“Do this in memory of me”

Year 3 children enjoyed the symbolic food of the Jewish Passover.  They were reminded how Jesus was having this meal with his apostles the night before he died. They learned how this meal became our Eucharist as they repeated the words used in our mass – “Do this in memory of me”.

Y6 - Spaghetti Challenge - March 2013

Spaghetti Challenge!

Using just spaghetti and marshmallows, Year 6 were set the task of designing and building the tallest tower possible, within a given time, which could support a "creme egg."

They looked at the features of towers and discussed what it was that made them strong and stable. Their designs were "eggcellent" and it was really "eggciting."  (27.3.13)

Y1 - Dunham Massey Trip - March 2013

To support our Woodland Topic, on Thursday 21st March, Year 1 had a fantastic day at Dunham Massey National Trust Country Park.    

We all enjoyed hands on experience and explored tree art,  rabbit burrows, pond life & pond dipping, log pile houses, textures of bark, and we also found out how to measure trees using our legs & a stick.  

Enjoy the pictures.  (26.3.13)

Class 5S - Science Work - 18th March 2013

On Monday 18th March Class 5S were treated to a special afternoon with Tim (a ranger from Brockhole nature reserve near Preston) who brought some very interesting creatures into class.  As part of our science work we have been looking at life cycles so it was both educational and entertaining to experience, first hand, a range of animals with their own fascinating life cycles to explore.

We were able to get up close and personal with locusts and cockroaches, we handled a bearded dragon and tortoise (if we wanted to!) and some of us even stroked a snake. We had a fabulous afternoon and some of us came away with a longing for something more exotic as a pet than a goldfish!  

Y5 - Easter Gardens - March 2013

The children in Year 5 have been making Easter gardens to tie in what we have been learning in RE with our science topic of life cycles.  In each garden there are three crosses to represent the Crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday.  There is also a tiny cave which represents the tomb where Jesus was placed after his death.  The stone in the garden reminds us that Jesus is no longer in the tomb and has now risen from the dead and the flower and grass represent the new life when Jesus rose from the dead.

We would like to wish all the children in Year 5 and their parents a happy and Holy Easter.  We would also like to thank all those who contributed so generously to our fund raising efforts.  The children in our year group have raised £600 for St. Joseph's Penny.  We are very proud of their Lenten efforts. 

A big thank you to B&Q who helped by donating some items for the baskets.  

KS1 - Zumba Session's - March 2013

The children from KS1 enjoyed another fantastic term of Zumba.  The children have had lots of fun and the response and feedback has been amazing.  We look forward to continuing Zumba next term.  Keep an eye on the website when the letters will be issued.  

Y3 - Trip to MOSI - March 2013

Sin Dex Sin

Can you march like a Roman Solider?

Y3 marched around Castlefield in Manchester and looked at sites where the Romans had been, the children had an opportunity to look at, touch and even try on some of the Roman artefacts.

A great day was had by all.

Rec - Mother's Day Assembly - 8th March

Reception performed their first assembly on Friday 8th March.  It was a superb performance.  We hope you enjoy watching the a video of the performance below.  

Y6 - Bridgewater Hall Trip - March 2013

Trip to the Bridgewater Hall

On Friday 8th March, the Y6 children enjoyed a concert by the world famous Halle Orchestra in the Bridgewater Hall. The concert was organised by the Halle Education department and the children were introduced to the different sections of the orchestra and taken on a musical journey through various countries , listening to music by a famous composer from that country. The music ranged from Bartok and Mahler to John Williams. Ruari Dunne was chosen to have a go at conducting the orchestra!

Click on play button below to see video


Y3 - "Veni Vidi Vici" - 15.3.13

Well done Cian and thank you to everyone who helped you to make your fantastic shield, its looks brilliant!

Whole School - Maths Day - March 2013

World Maths Day

Wednesday March 6th was World Maths Day. To celebrate we invited the author Kjartan Poskitt into school. Kjartan has written the Murderous Maths children's series of books aimed at putting more fun into numeracy. He worked with the children from KS1 and KS2 across the day in big maths sessions and the whole school had an exciting day of practical maths. To find out more about Kjartan you can visit his website at (14.3.13)

KS2 - PTA Disco - March 2013

The disco was a great success on Friday 1st March evening. The PTA worked very hard to produce a very successful evening.   The children enjoyed music, hot dogs, children's tattoos, bubble machine, sweets & drinks ! The parents who wished to stay enjoyed our bar area!  We raised a fantastic £344.00 for our school.  Many thanks who all involved!

Enjoy the pictures.


Y3 - Trip to All-In-One Garden Centre- Mar 2013

How does your garden grow?

Y3 enjoyed an outing to the All-in-One garden centre at Castleton; this supported their science topic- ‘Helping Plants Grow Well.’


Voosh - Fun February 2013

The children and staff all had a fantastic time at VOOSH Club during the February half-term. The children did lots of craft activities and took part in an igloo challenge, went on a trip to Denehurst Park and ended the week with a bouncy castle and ice skating on our very own synthetic ice rink which was set up in the school hall. There were some very tired faces by the end of the week! (11.3.13)

Rec/Y6 - Teddy Bear Picnic - Mar 2013

As part of Receptions topic on bears the children had their own teddy bears picnic.  They sent invitations to their special friends, made marshmallow crunch and brought in their favourite teddy.  Both Reception children and the Year 6 children had lots of fun at the teddy bears picnic. 

Class 1V - Tree House Fun - February 2013

The children in Year 1 have been looking at Woodlands & forests, what animals would live in there, what they would eat & how they would survive. They have been enjoying a tree house as their role play area. They have been making binoculars & telescopes to use in there. Don't be surprised if they ask you for a kitchen towel tube for school!  It will be for a telescope for our tree house.  Enjoy the pictures.

Choir - Young Voices Concert at the MEN Arena - February 2013

More photographs added 28.2.13

Young Voices at the MEN Arena

It was worth the wait! The choir had a fantastic evening on Friday 8th February at the Young Voices Concert. Thank you to the many parents and friends who came along to support the children and cheer us on. (14.2.13)

Y3 Maths Group - Feb 2013

Which way now?

Mrs. Threlfall took her maths group outside on Friday to help them to understand the four main compass points. Large compasses were drawn on the playground and the children tried to follow the directions from Miss.

Y3 - Planting Seeds

Year 3 children planted seeds and beans and are looking forward to charting their growth. (12.2.13)

Class 3S - Class Mass - Tuesday 5th Feb 2013

Class 3S read and sang beautifully at their class mass on Tuesday 5th February. (12.2.13)

Wall Paper Design Competition - February 2013

On Wednesday 6th February the winners of the Wallpaper Design Competition at St Vincent’s were chosen after several weeks of research and planning.  All the children in the school entered the competition.  In recent weeks the children have been studying different wallpaper designs, looking at patterns, colour and texture before designing their own.  On the day of judging 70 designs from all year groups were displayed in the hall and the judges of the competition had the difficult task of choosing a winner and runner up from three age categories. 

The Key stage 1 winners were Emily Harding (1st) and Joshua Leech (2nd).

The Lower Key Stage 2 winners were Ellie Chang (1st) and Ella Tinsley (2nd).

In Upper Key Stage 2 the winners were Kiera Martin (1st) and Charlie Middleton (2nd). 

Whilst the judging took place the pupils participated in a wallpaper quiz as well as getting an opportunity to see all the finalists work. All the entries into this competition were of a very high standard and the children really enjoy taking part.

The judging panel included two representatives from the Whitworth Art Gallery which has one of the best historical wallpaper collections in the country. Steven Roper and Gabby Warren Smith were extremely impressed at the work they saw.  The third judge, a parent at the school, Michael Mangan, a graphic designer, very kindly gave up an afternoon to help in the decision making process.  A group of children from Key stage two visited the Whitworth Art Gallery last month and were able to view a selection of wallpapers, some hundreds of years old, which are not on display to the public.  This clearly gave them a great deal of inspiration for their own designs.

The winning wallpaper designs will be displayed in the Whitworth Art Gallery’s award winning café later this year. The school would like to thank the Gallery for this wonderful and unique prize. (12.2.13)

Whitworth Art Gallery Visit - 23rd Jan 2013

On Wednesday 23rd January, 32 children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went on a trip to Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.

The children were invited to visit the Gallery to see exhibits, which included work by David Hockney and William Hogarth.  The highlight and main reason for visiting the Whitworth was to see a very extensive and unusual collection of wallpapers which the museum looks after.  Historical wallpaper collections are rare and this is one of the best in the country and is internationally famous.  

Catherine, the wallpaper curator at the Whitworth, spent time with the children showing them special wallpapers that are not available for the general public to view. These included some Beatrice Potter paper, Chinese wallpaper which was over two hundred years old and also paper dating back to the 17th Century. 

The children certainly were given inspiration for their own wallpaper designs from the variety of colours, patterns, styles and textures of papers they got to see.

The winning designs from the Wallpaper Design Competition will be displayed in the café at the Whitworth Gallery. (31.1.13)

Y2 - "Toys in Space" - Jan 2013

Year 2 were amazed to come into school and find that some of our toys had gone missing!  We made lost posters but before we could put them up the toys began reappearing in the strangest places - on the climbing frame, in the office and corridor and some were even hidden in the sporting trophies! We had great fun finding them and we know they won't go missing again because they were returned with special luggage labels.   See the photographs of where the toys ended up!!

Class 1S - Exploring The Snow - Jan 13

Class 1S managed to brave the snow to find a great selection of things that you might find in a forest for our class activity tray (we even found time to build a snowman)!  Our topic for Spring is woods and forests so any walks and talks at home would be great. We are writing our own non-fiction books about the woods at the moment and we will then be moving on to The Gruffalo! The children might like to explore the nature detectives website ( and the Gruffalo website (  to supplement their learning.

Class 1S - Designing Our Wallpaper - Jan 2013

We have had great fun in 1S working on our wall paper designs for the school Design and Technology project.  We decided to design wall paper for Percy the Park Keeper’s caravan using finger and hand painting techniques. We tried a variety of colours and designs, evaluated our work and then chose our favourite. The results are spectacular! 

Whole School - "Rocking All Over... St. Vincent's!" - Jan 2013

On Wednesday 23rd January the school 'rocked' with the sound of Status Quo as the bands ex drummer Jeff Rich gave a percussion workshop for the children.  A presentation about the origins of the drum and how it has developed over the years was followed by a demonstration of his drumming skills.  The children thought he was 'AWESOME'.  All the children had the opportunity to accompany Jeff while he played. 

It was a brilliant afternoon that will live in the children's memories for a long

time.  All the children have received a signed autograph of the man himself. 


See below photographs and video clips of his workshop.


Workshop Video Clip 1 

Workshop Video Clip 2Workship Video Clip 3Workshop Video Clip 4Workshop Video Clip 5Workshop Video Clip 6Workshop Video Clip 7Workshop Video Clip 8


Class 1S - Snow Medallions - Jan 2013

In science recently we sorted living things from those that have never been alive. We then went for a walk around school and collected living things and used them to make a collage. We put water over them and left them outside to freeze.

Whole School - Snow Fun - January 2013

The children from school have been having great fun in the snow today (21st January) as you can see from the photographs below. 

Y3 - Fraction Action - Jan 13

Year 3 have been having a slice of fraction action, in their maths lessons this week.  The children have looked at fractions of shapes, as well as fractions of numbers.  They discovered that their times tables knowledge helps them to understand how fractions work.  As the pictures show, it was easy as pizza pie!

Y2 - Science Experiments in the Snow! - Jan 2013

Forces and Motion

Year 2 took full advantage of the snowy weather to experiment with pushes, pulls and friction in the snow. We also noticed how much our muscles ached after all the pushing and all the laughing!