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Sports Premium

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Sports Premium

St. Vincent’s are extremely proud of the participation in sport by both pupils and staff.  At St. Vincent's we have employed a Sports Activity Leader who delivers PE lessons throughout the school and organises a range of school activities inclusive for all children.  As a school we are extremely proactive in trying to raise the quality and opportunity for all children.  Physical education is celebrated throughout the school. 

The Government funding of £9,492 has allowed the school to work towards creating healthier lifestyles and increased participation for all.  We have done this by;  

  • Increasing the range of extra-curricular sporting activities, such as; (YR 3/4/5/6 Netball, YR6 Handball and Rugby, provided by the sports leaders from St. Cuthbert’s (Creating links with secondary schools). YR R/1/2/3/4/5/6  Gymnastics Training and we have an Elite Gymnastics Club outside school for all those who already attend, YR 4/5 Rugby Training,  YR 6 Cricket training, YR 4/5/6 Bootcamp, YR 5/6 Athletics, YR 3/4/5/6 Girls Football, YR 6 Boys Football and Y5 5 Mixed Boxing (creating links with local clubs).


  • Improving the quality of PE lessons by up skilling staff through training, and participation. Funding expert Gymnastic Coach to deliver extra curricular gymnastics for YR R/1/2/3/4/5/6.  Funding a Cricket Coach who has helped develop and deliver Cricket for YR 3/4/5/6.  Netball for YR 3/4/5/6. Both pupils and staff have benefited from these initiatives.


  •  Specialist equipment has been purchased to allow more involvement for more pupils during PE Lessons, and to also improve the level of skills taught to the children.


  • New markings and basketball nets have been placed on the playground to increase the understanding of the specific games, which has in turn increased the number of ‘friendly’ and competitive games within and against other school, which has helped create and build relationships with the wider community.


  • The schools involvement in the Rochdale Borough School Sports Partnership has allowed pupils to participate in a variety of sports at a higher level.  Helping children to increase confidence through representing the school at Borough level with opportunities and County level, playing in competitive tournaments against various schools, helping build strong relationship and community links.


  •   The schools participation in the Lancashire County Cricket affiliation, has allowed the pupils to be entered in to Borough and County cricket competitions, pupils have the opportunity to represent the school at a higher level.


  • PE Achievement awards are purchased and given to 1 child per class for their outstanding achievement during each half term, to recognise the hard work, involvement and effort put in by pupils. 


  • Captain’s badges for all teams have been purchased to identify children chosen to lead their sport, to give them responsibility and encouragement to become good role models for their peers.


  • PE Sports Leaders T-shirts purchased to identify sports leaders and to give KS2 children more responsibility by showing their commitment to sport and PE.  Ambassador T-shirts for selected children who have shown commitment throughout KS2. 


  • Gymnastics Proficiency award scheme purchased which can be implemented to allow children to succeed and be recognised for their progress in Gymnastics. 


  • A commitment to Outdoor and adventurous activities, Yr. 6 children presently attend a residential at Robinwood activity centre.


  • Developing an orienteering course around the school which can be used in Curriculum teaching or as an afterschool activity.  A course has been mapped and school is awaiting the installation of guidance points. 


  • We believe that our school has prioritised the use of our PE premium funding to maximise the impact on our school. 


Development Plan

We aim to sustain the positive impact of the PE premium funding at St. Vincent’s. The time and effort put in by all staff will continue to ensure participation levels continue to increase to improve pupil progress and achievement.

Our future plans are to build on the success of the year so far and offer more opportunities to children at all levels and to encourage every child to participate in extra-curricular activities.  This promotes the importance of Health and well-being. We also aim to increase participation in more friendly/competitive events within school and with other schools, and to continue providing opportunities and support for staff to further develop their skills in Physical Education.


Click here to view the PE Funding Impact.  


Impact of PE Government Funding





· To increase the number of children participating in Extra-Curricular         activities

· To offer a wider range of activities

· To up skill staff

· To provide more competitive                   opportunities for all children.



• Greater number and a higher standard of equipment

• Purchase of basketball nets and 3 sets of court markings

• Expert coaches to provide extra-Curricular activities

Equipment used during PE lessons throughout the school and for before and after school Sporting activities.

This has allowed our children to learn and play using the correct equipment, pitch and goals for the sports. It has helped develop and improve the quality of learning and a higher level of performance.

More opportunities and a higher standard of teaching offered to all year groups over the course of the year. The increase in the number of children taking part in Extra-Curricular activities has allowed the school to have a number of teams within each sport.  The school has a huge number of A, B,C and D teams. This is a dramatic improvement from previous years and is a result of the commitment and excellence that the children are showing in extra curricular activities

· To maintain the level of participation from 2016-2017 academic year

· To provide more opportunities for KS1 children


• Funding transportation for the growing number of children to attend a huge amount of level 1 and level 2 competitions

• School to be part of the Rochdale Borough School Games Partnership

• Gold Kitemark award

This has given more children the chance to compete against other schools at different levels in competitive situations.

Level 1 and 2 for the children to be apart of.  The partnership provides such a variety of events that last year in our school every year 6 child participated in at least one competitive sport. Which is a great achievement for the school and for the children.

We received the award based on the amount of sports teams we had competing at different levels which is a reflection on the amount of children taking part in Extra-Curricular activities

Mugga Pitch



· Mugga Pitch

• The impact that this would have would be that all year groups would have access.

• improve their skills during curriculum time and during Extra-Curricular activities.

• More extra curricular clubs will run after school and during lunch time to allow more children to have the opportunity to take part, develop, progress and improve.


The success that the school has had over the past few years is a huge reflection on Government funding and this positive impact is having a great effect on the participation levels in our school and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved and we strive to achieve greater things in the future with help of the Government funding.