St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.


Reception Trip to the Zoo

(8.7.16)  On Monday, 4th July the children from Reception visited Blackpool Zoo. The children saw a variety of animals that normally live in the wild.  They had a wonderful time.


We hope you enjoy the water show below:-


Video One



Video Two




Prince & Princesses

(8.7.16)  Here are some photographs of the Reception Children dressed as princes' and princesses'.





Reception Pirate Invitations to Year

(25.5.16) Reception had great fun yesterday handing out some invitations to our Year 5 pupils for their pirate day today 25th May ........Ahoy Me Hearties....!! 


(15.6.16)  More photographs added today (15th June) — Enjoy.






Class RV — 'Prayers of Mercy to God'




Smithills Farm Trip

(21.4.16)  On Monday 18th April, Reception had a wonderful day out at Smithills Open Farm, Bolton.  We encountered many farm animals and a few more exotic ones too, including a 16ft albino python, lizards, meer cats, coatis, wallabies and alpacas.  We enjoyed donkey rides, a tractor ride and had plenty of opportunities to feel and feed the animals.  It was particularly lovely to see so many babies… we met a kid who was only two hours old and a piglet who’d just been born  an hour earlier! We also watched eight cows being milked and learned some cows make 120 pints of milk a day! It was a fantastic, fun-filled, action-packed day, despite it being freezing cold, so it was no wonder that 20 children fell asleep on the coach journey back to school!  We hope you enjoy the slide show and videos:-





Chick Visit

(14.4.16)  We had a lovely time getting to know our chicks. They are called Scooby Doo, Simone, Cassius, Sophie, Andrea,  Bobby, Peter, Simrah and Gertrude. We watched their bedding being changed and talked about how to care for and handle pets properly. They were so cute! They’ve left us now to go and live with Miss Brook’s sister Laura, so we will be able to get more pictures of them growing up soon!




Mothers Day Assembly

(14.4.16)  Our Reception children performed a wonderful Mothers Day Assembly in front of their families on Friday 4th March.  We hope you enjoy the video below of the performance.


Christmas 2015

(16.12.15)  Reception and six of our Y6 Special Friends had great fun presenting Hey Ewe! to our Mums,  Dads and families. It told the story of a curious sheep who knew something exciting was going on, one night in her home town of Bethlehem. We sang, signed and danced along to the songs that accompanied the greatest story of all – the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a night to remember!  Enjoy the video below:-





Little Red Riding Hood

(8.12.15)  We recently welcomed an unexpected guest into Reception - Little Red Riding Hood's Granny! It was a real surprise and the children were delighted to meet her. Granny told us she’d heard we’d been learning about her granddaughter’s story and done some lovely work. But she’d also heard we had not been well behaved in her cottage and made a terrible mess and BROKEN her glasses. Granny was very cross about this until one of the children had sent her a letter saying sorry, which pleased her immensely and so she forgave us. (PHEW! We didn’t want the wolf visiting us too!)  We learned from Granny that the wolf didn’t actually eat her or Red Riding Hood because they hid in the cupboard from him and that the rest of the story was true. We also learned Granny is 97 but pretends to be 77 years old and that Little Red Riding Hood’s real name is Brenda!  We captured the visit on camera, we hope you enjoy!



Teddy Bear Fun

(11.11.15)  On Friday 23rd October Reception enjoyed a fun packed day with their teddy bears. They made porridge, played teddy games, had a teddy bears’ picnic and danced along to the song with their special friends. It was a lovely way to end our 1st half term in school!




Autumn Walk

(8.11.15)  We chose a dry and windy day to explore God’s changing world as we looked at the autumn leaves and how our trees get ready for winter. We walked around the school grounds talking about the evergreens and a big new word – deciduous!  We then talked about our favourite leaves in class and drew a picture. 





Bear Hunt — Thursday 1st October 

(7.10.15)  Reception made the most of the beautiful day to go on a bear hunt on our field. We went through the swishy swashy grass, the deep cold river, the thick oozy mud, the big dark forest and the swirling whirling snowstorm until we found the bear (Fred) in a narrow gloomy cave (hole). It was very exciting!  We hope you enjoy the video below:


Wednesday 30th September

(7.10.15)  Enjoy the slide show.

We’re going on a bear hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one!

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared!

Uh Oh!


Long, wavy grass!

We can’t go over it.

We can’t go under it.

Oh No!

We’ve got to go through it!








First few days in Reception

The new Reception children have had a fun time settling into life at St Vincent’s. We have been exploring the school grounds and enjoyed playing with all the toys and games. We have made new friends and learned about some of our school rules. We have had a very busy time!