Year Groups


Reception Information


Class Teachers : Mrs. Duszczuk and Mrs. Levy.    

Teaching Assistants : Mrs. Binns, Miss Chippendale, Mrs. S. Thompson & Mrs. Tully.


General Comments

  • Please ensure your child’s name is on all their clothing and that your child has an outdoor coat every day, no matter how nice the weather may seem when you leave home. 

  • PE is on Thursday.  Please leave your child’s PE bag in school; only take this home at the end of term for washing. Please ensure your child has a pair of slip-on pumps and is able to dress unaided. 

  • To help promote healthy eating your child is provided with a piece of fruit each day to have with his/her milk/water in the morning. Please do not send your child with any other type of drink or food for the break times. 

  • Please teach your child basic table manners, e.g. how to use a knife and  
    fork correctly and how to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

  • Please do not hesitate to speak to the teachers, either before or after school, if your child is worried or anxious about anything. 

  • Your first Parents’ Days / Evening will be advised. An appointment letter will be sent home nearer the time.  



Help from you at home is vital in enabling your child to become a fluent and confident reader.

  • The children come home with a discussion book plus the first set of keywords. To help your child you are asked to play and enjoy word recognition games at home. Your child will also be doing this in school. Try asking your child the words in a different order.

  • Please find the time to sit down with your child and enjoy discussing the book together, pointing out the relevant aspects of each page.  As the term continues, your child will be sent home with a reading book which incorporates some of these words.

  • Any child already able to read when coming into school will be put on an appropriate level of books. 

  • We also teach your child phonics (letter sounds). Your child will bring home the sounds of the week to practise blending words and segmenting sounds.

  • Different reading schemes will be encountered later and any worries or queries about any of the schemes should be brought to the Reception class teachers either before or after school on any day of the week. Initially your child will be heard to read 2 times a week and books will be sent home every Monday and Thursday.

  • A Reading Record Book will be sent home to record the individual progress each child is making. This is for parents to advise us how their child is reading at home and will only be completed by the teaching staff if they have any concerns.

  • If reading records are not signed your child's book will not be changed.



Please show your child how to sit and hold a pencil correctly in the tripod grip.

It is very important that your child forms letters correctly as bad habits are hard to break and lead to future problems. Starting and finishing letters in the correct place is essential to enable the children to join-up the letters. Please encourage your child to write at home, as much as possible, e.g. stories, lists, cards, names.



Your child will benefit from lots of counting practise. Please try to encourage your child touch an object as they say the number name. It will be beneficial if the children are able to initially recognise numbers from 0 to 10, continuing up to 20.

From time to time sheets will be sent home to help your child with number formation.