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St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Reading Information

Reading Schemes & Phonics Schemes Used In School

Phonics and reading schemes


At St Vincent’s phonics is taught throughout Key Stage 1 following the structure of Letters and Sounds which is supplemented by Jolly Phonics in EYFS. Daily phonic lessons are planned for using the Letters and Sounds Government Document and regular phonic assessments take place. Pupils have individual home readers which support their phonics learning. Teachers use a variety of resources to aid their teaching of phonics and booster sessions are planned for throughout the year.

Guided reading/ Individual reading

Reading skills are taught in whole class and small groups using a variety of schemes, including reading whole novels, extracts, websites, and every day reading materials in order to provide a real love of reading. Individual home readers are taken home daily in order to further boost decoding and discussion skills.

  • Schemes in school

Oxford reading tree

Bugs Club

Collins Big Cat Books

Ginn 360


Rigby Stars

Sound start

Real books


Free support for parents

Helping parents with their child's reading.

Oxford Owl have built a free website that you can access. You can view over 100 free eBooks - to bring your children's favourite stories to life. You will find a parent phonic guide, ideas for motivating boys to read, great ways to keep up with reading in the holidays, fun reading games and activities. Click on link to access:-