St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.


  • Mini Vinnies Update - 17.01.2018

    Mini Vinnies raised £180 at the Christmas Fair, which has been forwarded to SVP Baby Feeding Project, Sudan. Many thanks to the generous families who made sure that this year's cuddly toy sold out in record time.

  • Design a Healthy Snack Competition – Tuesday 6th February - 17.01.2018

    During this half-term we are having a whole school D&T competition to design a healthy snack. We will be teaching children about the importance of eating foods from a number of different food groups, to understand the role of different nutrients in our diet as well as the basics of food hygiene. We will be discussing the types of snacks the children tend to at after school.  Also, we will be looking at different recipes for healthy snacks, both sweet and savoury.  Each class will come up with a recipe for a healthy snack which they will make and enter into the competition.  Andrew Nutter, of Nutters Restaurant in Norden, has very kindly agreed to be the judge.  Any recipe ideas for healthy snacks that you have can be brought into school by your child and also feel free to experiment at home by making some. The children have been told that they are welcome to bring snacks they have made into school for their classmates to try.  Please make sure they bring with them details of the ingredients. (17.1.18)

  • KS2 Spring Music Bills issued 16.1.18 - please can you settle by Tuesday 23.1.18. - 16.01.2018

    KS2 Autumn Music Bills have been issued 16.1.18.  They are due Tuesday 23rd January. Transfer to Acc 24989920 - Sort 05-07-22.  If you haven't received a bill please email If payment not received by Tuesday 23rd January the lessons will be suspended.

  • December Aftercare bills have been issued today 10th January. They are due Tuesday 23rd January. Please pay on time to avoid a late payment fee or the service being withdrawn. - 10.01.2018

    You can pay into the Aftercare Account 24995044 - Sort 05-07-22.  Email or text 07860 005191 for balance enquiries or to inform of a payment.  Late payment will result in a charge.  Please note service can be withdrawn if no payment received.

    Please can you supply school with an email address in order for the bill to be emailed to you.

    Thank you.

  • School Dinners - £59.40 - Thursday 4th January until Friday 9th February. - 05.01.2018

    Please can you pay in advance for dinners.  Dinners are £2.20 each day.  You can pay weekly, monthly or termly.  This term is 27 days.  Thursday 4th January to Friday 9th February 2018. Cost termly is £59.40. You must send dinner money payment on the Monday of each week in order for your child to receive this service, if we receive no payment the service will be suspended.  Internet payments - Yorkshire Bank - Account 24989920 - Sort 05-07-22.  All dinners must be paid for either in advance or on the day. 

  • CAFOD - 04.01.2018

    We are delighted to inform you that school has managed to purchase some CAFOD gifts over Christmas;  Year 5 - Trees for Life, Teach Someone to Read, The Goat that Gives, and Birth Certificate.  Year 6 - Teach Some to Read, Emergency Shelter, Chirpy Chickens, and Trees for Life.  Thank you to everyone for making this possible. 

  • Parent Govenor - 15.12.17 - 15.12.2017

    ​Following the recent ballot for Parent Governor, I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Gary Mongan has been duly elected. I would like to thank all those who put themselves forward for consideration, and to all parents who cast their vote.

    I would like to thank Mr. Stephen George, the current Parent Governor whose term of office comes to an end on 31st December, for his support and commitment as a valued member of the Governing Board over the last 8 years.

  • Christmas Fair was a great success - 06.12.2017

    The Christmas Fair was a great success, profit raised for school funds is just over £2400, a great result, well done to all involved. Since September 2017 the PTA total raised is almost £4000.  Great effort from all.

  • Y6 - MESSAGE FROM ST. GABRIELS - 27.11.2017

    Please can you remind your Year 6 parents that if they are applying to St Gabriel's for a place in September 2018 they must post/email  a copy of their child's Roman Catholic baptismal certificate to us or they may not get offered a place.  I think I have received most of them but there are still some outstanding.  Thanks. Mary Molloy, Admissions Officer

  • OFSTED INSPECTION - 21.11.2017

    Following our recent Ofsted inspection, that took place on Thursday 2nd November.  I am pleased to inform you that we have retained our status as a "good" school.  I would like to thank all the parents and children who took the time to complete the Ofsted questionnaires.  I have attached a copy of the final report for your information. 

    Click here to view

  • Y3 - Spelling Test Update - 17.11.2017

    The Year 3 spelling test has changed day.  It has moved from a Friday to a Thursday, starting Thursday 23rd November.  Thank you.

  • Y3 - Advent Service now Wed 13th December - 14.11.2017

    Due to unforeseen circumstances the Year 3 Advent Service has been moved to Wednesday 13th December at 6.30 p.m. Thank you.

  • Book Fair Success - 14.11.2017

    Thank you for your support at the Book Fair during the recent parent interviews.  The school has raised £390.00 worth of commission, which will be spent replenishing the Library.  Thank you again.

  • Parking Issues - 13.11.2017

    We have had a number of complaints from local residents of parents parking inconsiderately and blocking driveways when dropping off and picking up from school.  Please park responsibly so people can access their driveways.  Thank you

  • Children Arriving Late For School - 09.11.2017

    It has been brought to my attention that there are an increasing number of children arriving late for school which is causing an unwarranted amount of disruption to the school office and teaching staff.  I would like to remind parents that it is your responsibility to ensure your child is on time for school which starts at 8.35 am.  Lessons start immediately after registration and children arriving late often miss important introductions to lessons being taught that day.  School attendance is being monitored closely by the Education Welfare Officer and this includes children who are persistently late.  As winter approaches your journey to school may take longer, please take account of this in ensuring your child is on time for school. 

  • Rec 2018 - September Admissions - 02.11.2017

    September 2018 Applications - For information go to from the home page of school website — General Information -> Policies -> Admissions.  Closing date for applications is Monday 15th January 2018. 

  • SCO Pay - Please register. - 20.10.2017

    If you have not already done so can parents please register on SCOPay, this will allow you to view your 'live' aftercare balance and you will need this system to book all future parents interviews.  Please email school asking for a link code to do this -  

    You will receive an email back with a link code to enable you to access to our new online parents booking system.  Please follow the instructions contained in this email.  This new online system will also allow you to see your current after/before care balance.

  • Facebook Page - 03.10.2017

    Please remember Our Facebook page is not replacing the phone or chats with your child’s teacher.  We can’t accept direct messages if children are off sick or late and won’t be able to talk about individual children’s situations for privacy reasons.  Please help us by not naming your children on the page for the same reasons.  If you have any questions for school please email  Thank you.

  • Book Bags are now back in Stock from the School Office. - 20.09.2017

    Book Bags are now back in Stock from the School Office.  They are £5.00 each.

  • Celebrating Differences Day - 13.07.2017

    On Wednesday June 28th 2017, school took part in "Celebrating Differences Day".  All of the children came in non-uniform and gave a donation to the National Autistic Society.  This year the children thought about all the ways that made them unique and their best achievement of the year.  We are pleased to announce that we raised a total of £301.32.  Thank you everyone!

  • Mini Vinnies Book Sale - Well Done - 07.07.2017

    Thank you everyone for your support with the Mini Vinnies book sale on the 20th June.  We raised a fantastic £47.50.  Thank you and happy reading!

  • SEND Questionnaire - 12.05.2017

    If any parent has received a SEND questionnaire we would be grateful if you could complete it and return to school asap.  Thank you.

  • Church Car Park Caution - 31.03.2017

    Due to the added disruption currently being experienced at the before and end of the school day, I would ask you to take extra care on the church car park.  Please consider whether you need to drive onto the car park, could you walk to school or park at the roadside? The children's safety and that of pedestrians is our main priority. Please do not park or drive on the pedestrian walk way and adhere to the car park markings.  Thank you.  Mr. S. Callaghan.

  • Reception/Year 1 - Names on Coats - 30.03.2017

    Rec/Y1 - Please can you ensure you write your child's name on their coats. As the weather is improving the children go outside to play with their coats on, and as they start to get warm, take off their coats and when they come to put their coats on, if they have no name on them they are unsure which coat belongs to which child. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Mini Vinnie Pencils - 18.01.2017

    We have some Mini Vinnie Pencils for sale from the school office for £1.00 each. The Mini Vinnie Group are concerned that all children in poor countries receive a good education.  All proceeds from the pencil sale will go to this worthy cause.  Thank you for your support.

  • Nut Allergies - 16.01.2017

    There are a number of children in school who have severe nut allergies.  Please can we ask that you do not send your child into school with nuts of any kind.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

  • Free School Meal Check - 04.01.2017

    You may be entitled to Free School Meals (FSM).  You can check by completing a form from our website, click link below for relative page.  Please return this to the school office who can forward this onto the relevant department to ask them to check for you or you can send direct to: - Data Team, Rochdale Borough Council, Floor 2, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale.  OL16 1XU.  Please return this by Monday 16th January.

  • Important Child's Name on Uniform - 20.09.2016

    Please remember to put your child's name on all their uniform. Recently we have found some uniform that have no names on and therefore we are unable to return them to their owners.  We appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you.

  • Urgent School Uniform - 01.09.2016

    It has been brought to our attention that Ziggy's has been selling our school uniform without our permission and with the incorrect logo. We would advise parents to return any items purchased and request a refund.  School stocks book bags (£5.00), pe bags (£5.00), water bottles (£2.00) and ties (£3.50).  Thank you.

  • Important to Sign Child Out - 21.06.2016

    Please can we remind parents/carers that you need to sign your child out of any afterschool activities.  We appreciate your patience in this matter.  Thank you.

  • "Search" Button on Website - 21.06.2016

    We have a "search" button on our website.  Located top right next to the "Facebook" logo.  Hopefully this functionality will allow you to find information easily.  Thank you.

  • - 25.04.2016

    Click here to find our school official face book page.

  • Important - Please check the calendar on the front page of the website for any cancellation of events or change of times. - 15.12.2015

    Important - Please check the calendar on the front page of the website for any cancellation of events or change of times.

  • Church Car Park - 16.11.2015

    As you may have noticed we have 2 disabled parking bays marked out on the church car park. Unless you are a disabled badge holder please do not park in these bays.  Thank you.

  • Access to School - 08.10.2015

    We would remind parents to only enter school at the Reception Entrance, please do not access school at any other entrance.  Thank you.

  • Pupil Premium - FSM - 11.09.2015

    ​Are you entitled to free school meals.  Could you please re apply direct to them by clicking on the link below :-

  • School Bags - 07.09.2015

    Please note we only have one size of book bag on sale now, the larger ones with the strap are too big for the cloakrooms and are being phased out.  Book bags are £5.00 each.

  • Internet Payments - 07.07.2015

    Yorkshire Bank
    RMBC Account 24989920, Sort 05-07-22
    (Dinner Money, Music Fees, All Trip Payments including Robinwood, Milk Payments).
    School Fund Account 24996404, Sort 05-07-22
    (Sponsored Activities, Uniform, RAFC Football Coaching)
    Aftercare Account 24995044, Sort 05-07-22

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