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Internet Use & Use of Photographs

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Internet Use & Use of Photographs



Use of Photographs on Our Web site & Terms and Conditions for In-School Use of Internet Resources



Use of Photographs on our Web Site


The prime purpose of our website is to provide information. Having a school website will enable us to provide information for existing pupils and parents, to share and celebrate our achievements with you and to promote the school to prospective parents and pupils. The site will be used to publish all of the letters to parents, showcase examples of pupils work, children’s involvement in different activities and to show pictures of previous school events. We will have a school calendar identifying the school’s events. By using the web site to keep our parents up to date we hope to reduce the letters sent home.


Please sign up to receive an e-mail alert every time an item is placed on the web site.

The safety of children and other users who appear or are referred to on the published website is of paramount importance. We will try to ensure that no individual child can be identified or contacted either via, or as a result of a visitor using, the school website.

To this end, St. Vincent’s adheres to the following guidelines for site content.

  • We do not intend to use children’s or adult’s names, unless they are a well known personality then their full name will be used.
  • Any images of children will not be labelled with their names.
  • Close up pictures of individual children, group photographs and photographs with two or more children will be available online.
  • Children will only be shown in photos where they are suitably dressed.
  • Personal details of children, staff and governors, such as home addresses, telephone numbers, personal e-mail addresses, etc, will not be released via the website or school e-mail.
  • We will remove any picture / work that a parent asks us to remove.

Parents have the right to refuse permission for their child's work and/or image to be published on the published website. Adults have the right to refuse permission to publish their image on the published website.


Those wishing to exercise this right should express their wishes in writing to the Head Teacher, clearly stating whether they object to work, images, or both being published, to the web site.


Internet and E-mail Use


Please read the following carefully before agreeing to your child’s use of the Internet; contact school if you do not want your child to use the internet.


St. Vincent's offers Internet and e-mail access to your child.  The advantages of this facility are enormous, and promote educational excellence within our school.  The purpose of this document is to inform you and your child of the availability of the Internet resources as well as the rules governing its use and to obtain permission for your child to use the Internet while at school.


The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers all over the world which can give your child and the teachers access to a variety of rich, educational resources.  The Web, a portion of the Internet that your child can use, includes some information specifically designed for children, up-to-the-minute scientific information, and other information that is traditionally difficult to obtain in the school environment. Information is presented richly in text, pictures, sound and DVD/video.


Your child will be able to send e-mail and will receive her/his own Internet e-mail address, and password to access this. S/he must not respond to e-mails if s/he does not recognise the sender's name or address. Please note that we retain the right to read the contents of all e-mails received or sent.


The educational value of appropriate information on the Internet is substantial.  The Internet is composed of information provided by institutions and people all over the world and thus, also includes material that is not of educational value in the context of the school setting. There is information, which may be judged as inaccurate, abusive, profane, sexually oriented or illegal. We do not condone or permit the use of this material and we operate a censored Internet feed, based upon world-renowned CyberPatrol technology, which protects the network from all types of unsuitable material and is updated automatically at regular intervals.


Any attempts at accessing unsuitable material will be logged.  It is our joint responsibility (school and parents) to educate your child about her/his responsibility when using the Internet.  You must, however, be aware that while at school, direct supervision of your child using the computers is not always possible. Thus, your child is expected to use the resources in a manner consistent with this contract and s/he will be held responsible for their actions


Additionally, please discuss with your child your own expectations for her/his use of the Internet.  Your child is responsible for good behaviour on the school's computer network. The network is provided for your child to conduct research for educational purposes and to communicate with others. It is not being provided to access chat rooms or inappropriate newsgroups and web sites.

If your child wishes to access the Internet or e-mail facilities provided on the network s/he must agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Your child will not be allowed to use the Internet or be allocated a password if you are not in agreement.


We consider the following inappropriate use of the Internet / e-mail:

  • Sending or accessing inappropriate material.
  • Using obscene language.
  • Violating copyright laws by copying, saving or redistributing copyrighted material, or other illegal activity.
  • Using other people’s passwords or folders.
  • Responding to unknown e-mail sources.
  • Intentionally wasting limited resources by printing materials not related to school.
  • Accessing Internet chatrooms, newsgroups, games or materials not pertaining to school needs.
  • Subscription to any services or ordering of any goods/services.
  • Sharing of other people’s personal information.
  • Sending anonymous messages.
  • Downloading large files without the permission of a teacher.
  • Any activity that violates a school rule or government legislation.



Violation of the terms of this agreement may result in suspension or the withdrawing of your child’s access to the Internet and e-mail facilities.  Any action taken by your child, which is in violation of a school rule will be subject to the usual disciplinary actions.


Please retain this information for your records. 


We ask only that you write to school if you do not agree to your child’s use of the Internet and sending e-mails.