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Eco Team 2015-2016

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Eco Team 2015-2016

Eco Team 2015-2016

Welcome to our Eco Page



Gardeners of the Week

(23.6.16)  Well done Gardeners of the week — week ending 24th June 2016.  Well done Eleanor, Amy and Joseph.


Rochdale Recycling Initiative

(15.6.16)  Rochdale Council has been running an initiative to encourage recycling. The children who took part had to try and fill a pledge book from friends/family. Congratulations to Ruby who received the most pledges.



Gardeners of the Week

(14.6.16)  Well done Gardeners of the week — week ending 10th June 2016.  Well done Elliot and Mia.


Gardeners of the Week

(25.5.16) Well done Gardeners of the week — week ending 27th May 2016.  Well done Joseph, Issy, Olivia and Lexi.


Eco After School Team

(24.5.16) "Weave" been really busy up-cycling some old tyres into seating! The gang needed lots of patience and determination for this tricky threading task.  Good work guys.



(24.5.16)  The EA Team went on a field trip on Friday 20th May, collecting twigs and leaves to keep our bug hotel guests happy.  It wasn't a competition but........we collected the most! 

Well done Team Bracegirdle and Team Gooding and thanks to Mrs Brook for joining us.


Gardeners of the Week

(20.5.16) Well done Gardeners of the week — week ending 20th May 2016.

Well done to our star EA Team gardeners who received their certificate this week.  Keep up the great work Jack, Joshua, Roxanne and Sophie.


Allotment Update

(17.5.16)  If you've strolled round to the allotment you'll notice that the EA Team have been very busy clearing, tending and planting.  So far the weather has been kind and the gang have managed to plant potatoes, peas, carrots, garlic, rhubarb, wildflowers and herbs.  Fingers crossed the we wont get any  more snow!  Here are some snaps of the children hard at work..…





Eco Afterschool Club

Our Eco Afterschool Club have been busy planting, weeding and upgrading the bug hotel.




Gardeners of the Week

We are please to announce our school gardeners of the Week are :-

Week ending 6th May, Zayn in  6S and Finley in 6V.  Well done boys.













Week ending 29th April, Alex in 4V and Maks in 3V.  Well done boys.,











Rocket Science

We are very excited to announce that the seeds from the Rocket Science Project are due to arrive in school on 18th April.  The seeds, a variety of the salad leaf Rocket, spent 6 months on the International Space Station with Time Peake.  They returned to earth in March and have now been packaged up ready for schools across the country to take part in this exciting biology experiment.

Each school will be send two packets of seeds.  Only one of the packs has made the journey into space - but we won't know which one!  We have been sent very precise instructions on how to plant and care for the seeds and when and how to take measurements of the growing plants.  The project will last 35 days in




Thank you

The Eco Team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Tree Heroes for their kind and generous donation of bark chippings.  Our allotment and prayer gardens look fantastic and are ready for Summer.  We had enough left over to create a mini-beast mound which will benefit the whole school.


A special thank you has to go to our Caretaker, Mr Warburton, who, with a little help from Mrs McTear, moved the enormous mound of chippings.  Well done and thank you Mr Warburton.


A big THANK YOU also goes to Gordon Rigg Garden Centre, Walsden, who have donated wildflower and vegetable seeds, starter cucumber plants and seed compost to get our planting underway.  We can't wait to get planting!





Bottle Tops

At the last meeting Eco Committee talked about art that we can design out of bottle tops that can’t be recycled , eg: Milk bottle tops, washing-up liquid tops and so on. 

We will be making animals, hanging and sticking them in places like the fences around school and on the walls in the garden flower beds beside the reception and Year 1 area.

We would like your help.  Please bring in any plastic bottle tops and put them in the big blue bin outside of the school office. They must be clean!

Please bring in as soon as possible.


Izzy Barrett

On Behalf of the Eco Committee




St Vincent’s Eco Team have just heard they will be taking part in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Rocket Science Experiment

In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station on Soyuz 44S. The seeds will held in microgravity for 6 months with British ESA astronaut Tim Peake taking charge of them while on the ISS for his Principia mission starting in December.

The seeds will return to earth in April 2016 and St Vincent’s will be one of 10,000 schools to receive 100 seeds from space. These will be grown alongside seeds that have not been to space to see if there are any differences in growth. No one at St Vincent’s will know which seeds have been to space and which have remained on Earth.

The Eco Team will care for the seedlings, record their growth and observations over 7 weeks and enter data into a database. After all the data has been collected, the results will be analysed by professional statisticians. Leading scientists from the RHS and European Space Agency will interpret the results and draw possible conclusions, publishing their results on the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website.

Mrs McTear, TA and Eco Club Co-ordinator at St Vincent’s says “We are delighted to be taking part in Rocket Science. It will be an exciting way for our pupils to contribute to a National experiment and share their learning with the whole school community. Hopefully their experience with Rocket Science will encourage them to try growing their own at home.”

If you would like to know more about Rocket Science before the seeds arrive at St Vincent’s, you can:



Christmas Fair

A Big THANK YOU for supporting our Eco Team at the Christmas Fair last Friday 27th November.

With your help we raised a massive £183.70.

The Eco Committee will look at what the children can grow next spring and the money raised will be used to buy seeds and equipment.

Thanks again for your support.

Mrs McTear & Mrs Tully



Team Members

A big WELCOME to all our Eco Members.  This year as well as having teams working at lunchtime, the children in KS2 were asked to elect 2 candidates per class to make up our new Eco Committee.

The Eco Committee will be responsible for creating an Eco Code for the school, carrying out a review of what school does well and what we can improve on, and planning activities to involve the whole school.

The elections have taken place and here are our elected Committee members:


The Committee will take it in turns to make notes at our meetings and to write updates for our web blog about what all the Eco Team have been up to. Check out our Blog.

As always, children from years 4, 5 and 6 have volunteered to take on lunchtime duties:- recycling waste and monitoring electricity usage.  This year our team has a new name – WASTE WARRIORS.  Here they are…..