Year 6

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 6

Year 6 — Leavers Assembly

On Thursday 19th July, the children of year 6 performed their last ever assembly for the rest of the school. All the staff and children enjoyed seeing them perform and it was lovely to see how they have grown and developed over their seven years here. At the end the children were presented with a leavers' T-shirt, a memories book and other gifts as mementos of their time at St Vincent's. We had a few tears but we are all looking forward to performing it again to parents.







Y6 — "Keep Calm and Carry On"

On Thursday 12th July, the children of Year 6 performed their summer concert "Keep Calm and Carry On".  They looked wonderful in their evacuee outfits and we were so proud of the way they performed the sketches and choral speaking. They sang the songs about WW2 beautifully. Thank you parents, friends and grandparents who came to support the children.  (18.7.18)




Board Games

In Maths, the children have been making their own board games and they have been trying out each others games before voting for a winner. (12.7.18)




Geography Walk

On Tuesday 26th June some of the Y6 children went on a Geography walk in the Naden valley to find out about our locality and in particular to identify plants and trees of this woodland environment. (12.7.18)



History Homework

We have been absolutely delighted with the models and posters that the Y6 children have brought in for their History homework. Thank you to parents for their support!  (26.6.18)


Healing Talk

On Friday 22nd June, Mrs Rothwell's daughter, Katy, came to talk to us about her trips to Lourdes as part of the Salford Diocese volunteers group. She has now been going to Lourdes for 14 years and she  explained to the children the history of Lourdes, what is involved in being a volunteer and she showed them pictures of what it is like there. This was a lovely addition to our RE topic of "Healing". Thank you Katy! (26.6.18)



Beaks Experiment

As part of our study of evolution and inheritance, the children have been looking at how creatures adapt and evolve in order to survive in their environment. We have looked at the work of Charles Darwin and in particular his study of the finches on the Galapagos Islands. We did an experiment to see which type of "beak" would be the most efficient at picking up seeds, using different sizes of tweezers and even chopsticks!  (25.5.18)



Slime Making

On Friday 18th May the Y6 children enjoyed a visit from Mrs Thetford, one of our school governors. She taught the children about states of matter, how molecules behave in solids, liquids and gases, aspects of lab safety and then demonstrated how to make slime. The children then were able to make their own slime to take home. thank you Mrs Thetford for an enjoyable end to SATs week!  (23.5.18)





The children in Year 6 made displays to celebrate the last 3 days of the Holy Week, which are called the Easter Triduum.  They show the Last Supper for Maundy Thursday, the Three Apostles for Good Friday, and the tomb for Easter Sunday.  (28.3.18)

Halle Trip

On Tuesday 6th March, Year 6 went to the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to listen to the world famous Halle Orchestra in their annual "Halle for Youth" concert. The theme of the concert was "Back to Nature " and the pieces included "La Mer" by Debussy, "Finlandia" by Sibelius, "Vltava" by Smetena, as well as more modern film music by John Barry  -"Out of Africa". The children also sang along with the orchestra and the whole audience in the song "The earth, the sea, the sky". It was a fantastic concert and we hope the children enjoyed the experience of listening to a live orchestra. (9.3.18)



Mod Roc 

As part of our work studying the National Parks of Great Britain, the children have made mountains out of modroc. They were given a 2D diagram of a mountain showing the contour lines and they used that to construct a 3D model. They then painted their finished mountains. (9.3.18)





As part of our Biology topic, Y6 have been looking at the structure of lambs' hearts. They were showed how to dissect the heart and encouraged to identify the veins, arteries and ventricles. They looked at the thickness of the muscle making up the heart. (16.1.18)




Y6 — Christmas Cards

On Friday 15th December our Year 6 children spent the morning designing and making their own Christmas cards. Later on they were judged by Mr Callaghan, Mrs Brook and Mr Dalton. Have a look at their fantastic creations! We hope you enjoy the slide show below, it shows the winners from each class at the end.  (18.12.17)



Science Project

Year 6 have been working hard on their science projects, we hope you enjoy the slide show below.  (29.11.17)


Crucial Crew

On Friday 13th October, Year 6 spent the morning at Rochdale Council's "Crucial Crew" event. This is a multi-agency child safety event organised for Y6 children where they are educated about aspects of personal safety and what it means to be a good citizen. We were very proud of the children and the way they participated in all the workshops. We hope this event will help the children develop their awareness of the importance of being responsible citizens as they gain more independence in the years to come.  (19.10.17)




Class of 2017 — Year 6 -Robinwood 2017

Enjoy these short slide shows of the Year 6 children at Robinwood. 
Some more video's added 10.10.17:-

Robinwood Part One


Robinwood Part Two


Robinwood Part Three


Slideshow 1


Slideshow 2


Slideshow 3

The children are having great fun. (3.10.17)