Year 1

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Year 1


We have been learning about Neil Armstrong's Moon Walk and about our solar system.  Leon has found this topic so interesting that he has made this amazing Orrery at home.  Well done Leon it's fantastic!  (27.3.18)

Year 1 — Assembly

On Friday 16th March, the Year 1 children performed an assembly all about St Patrick to the whole school.   All children learnt their lines very carefully and looked great together in different t-shirts making the Irish flag.  Thank you to all the parents for helping with lines; the children did really well.  (19.3.18)



Blue Planet Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Blue Planet Aquarium on 8th February.  We saw a variety of aquatic creatures throughout the day and learnt lots of new information.  We watched a 'Aquatheatre Show' where we saw divers feeding the fish, took part in a teaching session where we learnt lots of interesting facts and even got to touch a Starfish. A great day was had by all!  (20.2.18)




Gruffalo Day

Year 1 had an amazing day celebrating 'Gruffalo day' on Friday 26th January.  We made 'Gruffalo crumble', 'owl ice-cream', 'Gruffalo puppets', 'Gruffalo sandwiches' and went on a 'Gruffalo hunt'.  Thank you for all the effort with the costumes, your children looked great. (29.1.18)



Mini Beasts….

Our topic this term for Science is animals.  We started our topic by going on a minibeast hunt.  The children had great fun being explorers and looking for minibeasts.   Ask your child if they can tell you the name of the minibeasts they found.  (17.1.18)



Year 1 Concert — 'Christmas With The Aliens'

This year the Year 1 children performed 'Christmas With The Aliens'. This production tells the story of aliens who land on planet Earth and overhear school children talking about Christmas. The inquisitive aliens are curious to find out what Christmas is and so the children invite the aliens to watch their school nativity to learn about it. The aliens watch the show and are impressed to learn about the Angel's message to Mary; how far Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and the gathering of Shepherds and Kings at the stable were Jesus has been born.  At the end of the nativity the school children fix the aliens' spaceship so that they can travel back into space to tell everyone about Jesus' birthday and the first Christmas day. The pupils' created a performance filled with fantastic acting, singing and dancing. The Year 1 staff were so proud of their achievement! We hope you enjoyed the performance, and we hope you enjoy the video below.  (15.12.17)



Children In Need

The Year 1 children were amazing in their assembly on Friday 17th November.  All their lines were loud and clear and the singing was superb.  Thank you for all the fantastic outfits and your generous contributions to this special cause.  We hope you enjoy the short video and slide show below.  (30.11.17)






Y1 — Material Hunt

As part of Science, Year 1 went on a material hunt around the school.  We identified what different objects were made from and made a tally chart to show our observations.  (30.11.17)






Our Year 1 children in computing have been learning about algorithms.   They have learnt that computers follow algorithms which are instructions.   On Thursday 28th September the children worked in groups to direct BeeBots around our classroom.  We loved having our own mini robots to instruct!  (10.10.17)



Settling In and Enjoying Lessons

Our Year 1 children have been settling into their Year 1 classes.  They are having great fun and enjoyed the first few weeks in Year 1.  Have a look at some of the exciting challenges we have been completing. We hope you enjoy the slide show below. (9.10.17)