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Charging and Remissions Policy

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Charging and Remissions Policy


St. Vincent’s RC Primary School


Charging and Remissions Policy


In accordance with the Education Circular 2/89 St. Vincent’s RC Primary School is committed to the principle of free public education during the school day for all activities fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum, Religious Education and Collective Worship.


There are, however, some activities where exceptions are made and these are listed below: -


  1. Individual Music Tuition


A charge maybe made in respect of individual tuition in the playing of any musical instrument.  The school currently engages the service of Rochdale Music Service in the provision of music tuition.  Parental agreement is obtained beforehand and charges made are available from the music service.


Further charges are made for tuition books, sheet music and examination fees and accompaniment.  Such examinations are optional extras and parental agreement is sought beforehand.  Instruments maybe obtained free of charge from school, or the Rochdale Music Service rented through a local agreement facilitated by Rochdale Music Service.  Several children also use their own instrument.  Parents are encouraged to insure school instruments through their own Home and Contents Policies.


It is important to note that all the tuition received is extraneous to the requirements of the National Curriculum and prescribed syllabi for public examinations.  Music tuition, which fulfills the requirements of the National Curriculum, is provided through normal teaching activities during the school day.


The school is unable to provide any subsidy/remission for individual children, although parents of children entitled to pupil premium will not be asked to make a contribution.



  1. Educational Visits


The children regularly experience educational visits, which may involve leaving the school premises for variable periods of time up to one school day or longer periods of up to 5 days for Year 6 pupils.  The costs of such visits are carefully itemised and parents maybe invited to make voluntary contributions towards these costs.  Items covered include transportation, admission fees etc.  Often these visits are subsidised from school funds.  If there are not sufficient voluntary contributions to cover the majority of the costs, then the visit may not take place.  Parents of children entitled to pupil premium will not be asked to make a contribution.


3.Cooking / Science


Parents may occasionally be invited to contribute to the cost of cooking and science activities on a voluntary basis.  Items included are materials and ingredients, particularly when the child / parent has ownership of the finished product or the costs of the activity are considered excessive.


4.Breakages, Losses and Fines


The school reserves the right to ask parents to pay towards the cost of breakages, acts of vandalism, loss of or damage to books where this results from a pupil’s behaviour or negligence.  Each case is individually assessed before parents are invited to provide restitution.


  1. Joint Building Fund


To enable the Diocese of Salford to claim all money available from the DfE for the upkeep of RC Schools, parents are not asked to contribute.  This money is sent to the Diocese in payment towards the 10% governors’ liability contribution. 


  1.  After / Before Care


School charges for after care, £1.50 per child per ½ hour (or portion of ½ hour) for the first child, then £1.00 per additional child from the same family per ½ hour (or portion of ½ hour).  


School charges £2.00 a session for before care.


Bills are sent home each month calculated on the amount of time a child has spent in After / Before Care.   Aftercare finishes at 5.15 p.m. and there is an additional £10.00 discretionary late fee charge, per child.


Parents of children entitled to free school meals, Looked after Children and those, at the head teacher’s discretion, will not be charged.


  1. Administration Charge


The governors have agreed that an administration charge of £5 can be levied on outstanding invoices, when 2 reminders have previously been issued.


The governors have agreed that a £5 charge can be levied for the production of any duplicate information.






Agreed by Governors 13th June 2017