Autumn Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Autumn Term


Y4 - Adverts - Dec 14

Last term, the children created and designed their own drinks.  They thought about the ingredients, designed a logo and poster, filmed an advert and wrote a persuasive letter about it. Finally, the children got around to the making their own drinks and taste testing them in class.  The eventual winner was HyperTastic.  We hope you enjoy watching our adverts!

The children know the password for you to view the slide show below:-



Y3 - Party Time - Dec 14

It's Party Time!!

Year 3 began the day by remembering whose birthday we are celebrating during Christmas.  Then with the help of Mrs. Elfall !, Mrs. Pointon, Mrs. Surgeon and Miss Zafar, the children celebrated in true party style!

Thank you for a fantastic show of talents, dancing and party games. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y5 - Anglo Saxon Models - Dec 14

As part of the Anglo- Saxon homework project, Year 5 pupils have been making models of artefacts found at the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial site in Sussex.

The pupils have made a wide variety models including several daggers and swords, helmets, a cross section of the burial site, coins, and a belt buckle. The children have clearly worked extremely hard to research and make very impressive and accurate models. This week the pupils have each given a short presentation to the class explaining how they made their model, any design problems they faced and why they chose to make that particular artefact.

We would like to thank the parents for their support and interest in this project, especially the model making part.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:


Whole School - Carol Singing - 19 Dec 14

On the last day of term (Friday 19th December) the whole school came together to sing carols.  The children and staff sounded wonderful. 

We hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

We hope you enjoy the short slide show.


Rec/Y1 - Christmas Party - 17.12.14

Our Reception and Year 1 children had a wonderful time at their Christmas Party on Wednesday 17th December.  They had a special visitor - Olaf!! The children loved it, we hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Rec - Christmas Concert - Dec 14

Well done to our Reception children who performed their Christmas Concert "Born in a Barn" to parents/friends on Tuesday 16th December. 

There’s a good deal of commotion, but plenty of excitement in a Bethlehem stable, when the animals realise there’s a baby in their barn! The cows, sheep, mice, cats and wise owl and cockerel all learn about their special guest from the donkey that brought Him. As more and more visitors arrive to greet the new born King, the animals slowly realise what a sacred and holy privilege it is to share their barn with God’s own son.

It was a fabulous performance, we hope you enjoy the video below:- 


The Sound of Christmas on the Cobbles

The school choir entertained the visitors at the Coronation Street tour yesterday Tuesday 16th December. They sang a selection of carols and Christmas songs outside Audrey's salon! They also had the chance to be shown around the tour and take photographs of the street. Well done everyone! 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y4 French Nativity - Dec 15.12.14

On Monday 15th December Year 4 started the third week of Advent with a marvellous performance of the Nativity. Not only did the children perform all the dialogue and songs in French but they also signed all the lyrics to aid communication and understanding. We absolutely loved presenting such a wonderful example of all our hard to parents and friends and hope that this provided a reverent and moving start to the festive season. We would like to thank our parents and carers for their support in learning our words and for providing such beautiful costumes. We are very proud of our talented Year 4 pupils and would like to thank them for working so hard.

We hope you enjoy the video below:-


Police Horse Visit - Dec 14

Reception, Year One and some Y6 children were thrilled to meet Crackit and Bumble when they came to visit us in the playground. We had to walk in silence so we didn’t scare them and then after asking the police officers lots of questions, we were allowed to pat them. It was so exciting – they’re huge (17 hands)! We learned they live near Manchester United and work there on football match days and love to eat Polo mints. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y3 - Advent Assembly - Dec 14

The explanation of the Advent Wreath, the tale of The Three Trees and the thoughtful prayers of this assembly helped us to focus on the true meaning of CHRISTMAS.

Year 3 gave a heart warming and joyful performance;  thank you and well done!

We hope you enjoy the video below:-


School Choir - Hidden Gem 11 12 14

Carols at the Hidden Gem Church

Congratulations to the school choir who performed so well at the lunchtime Advent Carol Service at the Hidden Gem Church in Manchester on Thursday 11th December. We are so proud of you all. A big thank you to friends, family and parishioners who came along to support us.  We hope you enjoy the video below:- 


Y4 - Assembly Song - Dec 14

Year 4 presented a wonderful assembly about books.  We shared our thoughts and feelings about some of the books we have read so far and that we have looked at 66 books in just 6 weeks! 39 books from the Old Testament and 27 books from the New Testament.  Here is a small clip from our assembly to show off our beautiful singing.



Christmas Craft

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 spent the day creating different Christmas crafts. They rotated around the classrooms and created

Christmas characters

Sparkly birds

Rocking robins

Spiral decorations

Pastel manger scenes

We hope you enjoy the slide show.


Y5 - Push Up Toys - Dec 2014

To support our school Christmas Fair, the children in Year 5 designed and made push up toys, which were then sold on our stall.  The toys came in all different shapes and sizes.  Some followed a Christmas theme but there were also dogs, cats and clowns.  The toys sold very well last Friday the 28th November.  We would like to thank the children’s parents for their support with this project: many generously supplied decorations and material.  We would also like to thank Mrs McTear and Mrs Buckley who spent a great deal of time on their sewing machines making the bodies.

We hope you enjoy the short slide show. 


Y5 - Anglo Saxon Day - Dec 2014

On Tuesday 2nd December the children in Year 5 were visited by the Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre Company for an Anglo-Saxon Day.

The children learnt about the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity and life in the monasteries in England. They were also taught an Anglo-Saxon song which they sang in a round.

The story of Saint Hilda of Whitby who, according to legend, turned a plague of snakes into stone, was performed by some of the pupils. They were also taught how society was organised in Anglo-Saxon times using drama .

Finally, the day was concluded by a performance of the famous Old English poem ‘Beowulf’. The children really enjoyed this very dramatic re-telling.

Enjoy the pictures.


Y5 - Advent Fundraising - Dec 2014

As part of our Advent preparation the children of Year 5 paid a pound to take part in a very special game of bingo to fundraise for the refugee children of Syria raising £55! 

In class we have discussed the plight of one and a half million children who are now living in refugee camps as a result of war in their country. Many of these children have not been able to attend school for over two years since leaving their homes.

Instead of sending each other Christmas cards in Year 5 we have decided to have one large card which we will make a donation to sign. Hopefully, if we can raise £128 we  can pay for schooling for a child in a refugee camp for one year.

We would be grateful if you can support us with this

Mrs McGrail,  Mrs France and Mrs Carnighan. 



Rec - Making Paw Biscuits - Dec 2014

After enjoying Blunderbus’ production of ‘I’ve Seen Santa!’ and laughing at how many biscuits Big Bear ate, we decided to make some of our own. We used butter, plain flour and caster sugar to make a shortbread pastry and shaped them like a bear’s paw with raisins as the claws. They were delicious and we ate them quickly before Big Bear could get his greedy paws on ours!

See slide show below:-


KS1 - Blunderbus Visit - 1st Dec 2014

On Monday 1st December all the children from Key Stage 1, enjoyed a fantastic production by Blunderbus Theatre Company of ‘I’ve Seen Santa!’ Rosie and Arthur told the story of how Little Bear was desperate to know if Santa could fit down the chimney because if like Big Bear and he ate too many pies, he would get stuck and then there would be no presents on Christmas Eve.  Rosie and Arthur were amazing in bringing the story to life and showing us how the love of your family is the best present of all. It was lively, funny and so well performed. Thank you Blunderbus!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-



Father Christmas Visits School - Nov '14

Ho Ho Ho...........

Father Christmas popped into school on Friday 28th November during our school Christmas Fair.  He spoke with lots of children to see what they wanted for Christmas.  He wanted to be sure he was packing the correct gifts for Christmas when he delivers to all the children's houses on Christmas Eve.  He hopes everyone has a wonderfully happy and safe Christmas.   Ho Ho Ho...........  We hope you enjoy the slide show below


Rec/Y6 - Teddy Bears' Picnic - Nov 14

To finish off our topic on bears and families, we had a teddy bears’ picnic with our special friends. We brought our own teddies in for the day and learned a dance to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song, which was a great success. The steps were – clap x8, jump x8, clap x8, jump x8 then swap and repeat. Finally skip around your partner x16, swap and curtsey/bow to end. Phew, it was exhausting as we did the dance twice, but all our bears were very impressed! We then had a teddy bear biscuit, drink and well deserved rest! 

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:-


Y2 - Dunham Massey Trip - 25th Nov 2014

More photographs added below : 3.12.14

Year 2 had a  fantastic day at Dunham Massey making crackers, pomanders & spiced buns ready for Christmas . The sun shone beautifully as we walked through the gardens. Enjoy the pictures.


Y3 - Dragons Descend - Nov 2014

Parents Beware!!

Dragons are about to descend on your household!

As part of the literacy focus, children have created their own paper and clay dragons.  They have written a 'care plan' for their dragons and now it is time for you to find a place at home for them!

We hope you enjoy the slide show below.


Pumpkin Soup

Year 2 have been busy making pumpkin soup - the best you've ever tasted!

They worked so hard that they still had some left over.

Therefore on Wednesday 19th November the children were joined by their parents/carers  to come along and sample the  soup just before school finished.

All had a wonderful afternoon.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below.  


Children In Need - 14th Nov '14

Thank you so much to everyone for raising a fantastic £831.14 for Children In Need.  The children looked fantastic dressed as superheroes for the day.   We hope you enjoy the short slide show below of some of our children dressed up.


Class RV - November Fun - 2014

Since we came back from our half term holiday, we have enjoyed being firefighters, making emergency vehicle models, building dens and dressing up!

Enjoy the short slide show below:-


Y2 - Nick Butterworth Day - 24th Oct '14

Year 2 enjoyed their first celebration day on Friday, 24th October.  The children participated in lots of activities based on the author Nick Butterworth.  They came into school dressed as a character from their guided reading book. They had a wonderful day.    We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y2 - Reply Letters - Nov 14

Your children loved reading your reply . Enjoy the slide show below.


PTA -KS1 Disco - 24th Oct '14

The disco was a great success on Friday 24th October.  The PTA worked very hard to produce a very successful evening.   The children enjoyed music, hot dogs, children's tattoos, bubble machine, sweets & drinks !   The parents who wished to stay enjoyed our bar area!   We raised a fantastic £200.00 for our school.  Many thanks who all involved!   

We hope you enjoy the pictures.


4V - PE Topic - Football - Oct 14

Last half term our P.E. topic was football.  We have learnt lots of skills including passing, dribbling and shooting.  We have worked really hard at developing these skills and loved playing a match during our final lesson.  As you can see from the photos we have all got involved and have had lots of fun.


We hope you enjoy the short slide show below.

Y4 - Trip to Neeli Mosque - 24th Oct 2014

On Friday 17th October, Year 4 visited Neeli Mosque in Rochdale where the children had a wonderful time learning about Islam.  We were lucky enough to have a tour of the Mosque , learn about the key features inside a Mosque and participate in washing before prayers (Wudu).



Rec - Zoolab Visit - Oct '14

As part of their topic on woods/forests the children in reception had a visit from some rainforest creatures.  These included a giant snail, cockroach, tarantula, a giant millipede plus many more. The children were very brave and some children asked to touch or even hold the creatures.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y6 - Robinwood Trip - Oct '14

 Despite the weather the children have had a marvellous time at Robinwood.    We hope you enjoy these short slide shows.


















Y1 - House Making - Oct '14

Year 1 have been enjoying their topic of houses and have had the chance to build their own. The children followed a lot of instructions to build their own house in the playground as a team. The children really enjoyed this activity and were very good builders.

Click here to view a short slide show.  


Y3 - The Great Paper Caper! - Sept '14

On Tuesday 30th  September, Year 3 had a fantastic day linking literacy and design technology.  Using the story they have been working on in literacy, in which a bear chops trees down in order to make paper aeroplanes, the children discussed the error of his ways and Niki Hampson from Pulpitations, taught the children how to make paper from pulp.

Their super efforts will soon be displayed in the area outside our classrooms.

Enjoy the slide show below.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The Reception children have enjoyed lots of fun activities exploring this wonderful book. We have acted the story out on the field, acted the story out to music, painted pictures, made puppets, made feely boxes, created a “real” cave and a “real” forest and written about the characters. Phew!

We hope you enjoy the short video below:-


Rec - Baby Evie Visit - Oct '14

As part of our topic about families, we welcomed baby Evie to our class. She is only 8 months old and we learned a lot about how babies behave, what they like to eat and how we grow up from being babies. Baby Evie was very good and only cried when she started to feel hungry!

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:- 


Y2 - Prayer & Worship - Oct '14

During prayer and worship the children from Year 2 reflected on our new season of Autumn.  Each child used their prayer pebble to create the outline of a leaf.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:- 


Y2 - Autumn - Oct '14

Year 2 have been enjoying exploring the start of Autumn by creating a magical elf woodland scene.  

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:-


RV - Prayer & Worship - 26th Sept 2014

We spent some time thinking about God’s world and how we could show our love by caring for it. We said our prayers and then drew a picture of something to look after.

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-


Y5 - Jodrell Bank - Sept '14

Year 5 had a very exciting and interesting day at Jodrell Bank on Thursday 25th September, learning all about the Lovell Telescope, the stars and the planets in our solar system.  They had to make an ‘eggstraordinary’ landing device for a Mars Rover vehicle and experienced an awe inspiring stars and planet show in the planetarium. It was a great day and the visit has inspired lots of the children to be astronomers!!

We hope you enjoy the slide shows below:-

Class 5S

Class 5V


Y4 - Habitats - Sept '14

In Year 4 we have been looking at habitats. We went for a mini beast hunt where we looked at different habitats within school.

We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures below.


Y1 - Clay Making - 22nd Sept '14

Year 1 have enjoyed a special visitor this week, Mrs Ellis.  They have been rolling shaping and designing clay pieces for our prayer garden.  All the children have been able to make something and have really enjoyed it.  These pieces have now gone away to go into a kiln. we are looking forward to seeing the final coloured pieces in a few weeks. 

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:-


Y1 - First Few Days - Sept '14

The children in Year 1 have all settled in well to their new classrooms.  Since returning to school after the summer, they have enjoyed a range of challenges and activities.  They have all been very busy and are excited at future challenges that Year 1 will offer.

We hope you enjoy the short slide show below:-



Y6/Rec - Special Friends - 19th Sept '14

Today Year 6 met their special friends from Reception for the first time.  They hope to have lots of fun together during the year.

We hope you enjoy the short slide show.




Y3 - Science - 12th Sept '14

Year 3 took their science into the PE lesson as they began their new topic of FORCES.  The teachers organised the children into teams of 'tug of war'.  However, during the final effort, one team seemed to have an advantage over the other;  who is that tall girl at the end of Barlow's team?!

We hope you enjoy the slide show.




Class 3S - Prayer & Worship - 12th Sept '14

The children in Class 3S directed their prayers to Mary today as it was the day to remember her Most Holy Name.  Their prayers were thoughtful and they learned some more of the titles given to Mary.

We hope you enjoy the slide show.




Rec - First Few Days - September 2014

The new Reception children have had a fun time settling into life at St Vincent’s. We have been exploring the school grounds and enjoyed playing with all the toys and games. We have made new friends and learned about some of our school rules. We have had a very busy time! 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below:-