Autumn Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Autumn Term

Christmas Fair - 29th Nov '13

Christmas Fair Success

A BIG THANK-YOU to all of you for attending our Christmas Fair on Friday 29th November. It was a very successful night. We hope you and your children had great fun. We raised in the region of £2650!! WOW. The money raised will go towards the PTA fund for school. Thank you to our PTA and all helpers for giving up their time.





Click on slide show below to see photographs of Father Christmas visiting the school at the Christmas Fair, we hope you enjoy:-

Y1 - Push & Pull Old Toys - Nov '13

Toys From The Past

The Year one topic is all about toys from the past. We have played with indoor and outdoor toys from Touchstones Museum and we played some outdoor games from the past.

See below a video and a photograph slide show of the children having fun.


Video 1



Y1 - Trip to Judges Lodgings - Lancaster

Year 1 enjoyed a super trip to Judges' Lodgings, Lancaster on Friday 22nd November.  We played parlour games, explored a 'poor' cottage, played at being servants and even had a Victorian lesson in maths and phonics.  School is so much more fun in 2013! 

Enjoy the slideshow! 

Photograph Slideshow



Another Slideshow


!!!! updated 5th December 2013.......




Click on Video Below:-



Y1 - Multi Sports - Nov '13

Class 1V enjoyed a football lesson with Rochdale Football Club.

Slideshow below:-


Another Slideshow.....uploaded... 



Y3 - "Lest We Forget....." - Nov '13

Thank you to the parents who joined us for Prayer and Worship on Tuesday 12th November.  Louisa, Ben and Adam organised a lovely Remembrance reflection.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. 

Slideshow below:- 


Year 1 - Old Games - Nov '13

Toys From The Past

Below we have some more videos and photographs of the children enjoying playing with old games.  We hope you enjoy.


Video 2



Video 3




Y1/2 & 3 - Zumba - Nov '13

Our Year 1, 2 & 3 children who signed up for Zumba classes have had a wonderful time during their lessons.  They have learnt many dance moves.  We hope to run some more sessions in the new term.  Click on play button below to see some videos of the lesson.




Video 2



Video 3





Video 4




 Video 5



Video 6



Class 6V - Poems Literacy - Nov '13

In literacy, in 6V, the children have been writing poems using the 'power of imagery'.  They used as their focus the tragedy caused by the typhoon in the Philippines. 

We hope you enjoy the slide show below displaying some of their work.


Mission Week - 21st-25th Oct '13

"Prayer is not asking, Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, and listening to his voice".

Throughout the school children took part in prayer services, key stage assemblies, read and learned about inspirational people as well as producing artwork for a display.  The week ended with a Mission Week Celebration Assembly performed by Year 1.

It was a wonderful celebration of faith for all.   

Click on slideshow below to see some photographs.  


Y6 - Stormbreaker - Nov '13


Year 6 have finished their class novel: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. The children have done lots of writing inspired by the book - a diary, a report, a playscript, a newspaper and their own spy story about Alex Rider's next mission. They have also designed their own book covers for Stormbreaker. The results are shown below - see what you think!  



3S - Sunny - Oct Half Term Oct '13


"During my half term break I was cared for by Miss Threlfall (Mrs. Threlfall's daughter).  She very kindly took me to the optician and the dentist.  After that I went to the hairdresser's for a trim and restyle;  I felt like  a new meerkat!!  However, the best part of the holiday was going to roller city!! Skating is such fun!

Love Sunny""

See slide show below of my adventures......…


Class 3S - Ave Maria - Prayer & Worship
- Oct '13

Thank you to Emily, Leah and Mia who organised and led the classroom prayer and worship on Thursday 24th October;  it was lovely!   

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. 

You can click on the videos/slideshow below to see how the session went:-

Video ONE:-

Video Two:-


Y1 - Trip to Caldershaw School - Oct '13

Grandpa's Railway

On Friday 18th October , Year 1 were invited to watch M6 Theatre’s  production of Grandpa’s Railway at Caldershaw School.

 It’s a story about Colin and Nita who are packing away a lifetime’s belongings ready for a move to live closer to their grand-daughter. The sorting and packing go well until Colin realises his beloved train set will not fit into the new house and he cannot bear to part from it. The signals turn red and Grandpa stops packing. But Nita shows him just how exciting a new journey can be… 

It was a wonderful show and we’d like to say a big thank you to Caldershaw for their kind invitation.

Click play on slide show below to see some photographs from this day.  


Y3 - Cooking up a Storm! - Oct '13
(24th October 2013) 

WOW!  "I never knew vegetables could taste so good......."

Thank you very much to Paul Sheerin who took time off from his business (Norden Arms Delicatessen) to come and speak to our Year 3 children about the importance of vegetables in a balanced diet, and to show just how much fun preparing, cooking and EATING vegetables can be.

The children's opinion of the vegetables they ate - "awesome!!!"

Click on slide show below to see the fun the children had.


Y5 - Egyptian Project - Oct '13

The children in Year 5 all gave a short presentation on they had designed and made a sarcophagus. Without exception, the presentations and sarcophagi were of a very high standard.

Each year we are amazed at the originality of the designs and the care taken in making them. They were made out of cardboard, clay and even an old glasses case! The presentation was the last part of a homework project started by the children back in September. They have learnt a great deal about ancient Egypt from researching and writing about the subject themselves.

Details of the current term homework project can be found on the Year 5 page on the website. 

Click on the play button below to see some of the Year 5 creations. 





Another slide show added below - 21.11.13 




KS1 - Disco - Friday 25th Oct '13

Thank you for supporting the KS1 disco on Friday 25th October.  Everyone had a great time and we had some wonderful costumes.  We raised a wonderful £273.00 towards our PTA funds. 

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below.  


Y3 - Visit by Morley Exotic Animal Rescue Service - 22nd Oct 2013

The children in Year 3 were delighted to welcome Morley Exotic Animal Rescue Service into school, along with their precious cargo of snakes, a skunk, a prairie dog, a rather large lizard and……. MEERKATS!  After listening to the experts talk about the animals, the children were able to get up close, ask questions and enjoy a little cuddle sometimes, too. 

Click on video's and slide show below to see some of the animals.

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3




Y4 - LEAF Project - Oct '13

The children in Year 4 had a visit from some wonderful creatures recently. The LEAF project came to school to talk about how we can look after animals and their habitats. They got to see cockroaches, snakes and an unusual katydid. They also were very gentle when they held a bearded dragon and tortoise. All the children really enjoyed this session.

Click on play button below to view slide show of the visit:-


Y2 - Prayer & Worship - 18th Oct ' 13

To celebrate the month of the Holy Rosary, we made a pebble crown for Mary.

Click on play button below to view a slide show:-



Y3 - Meekats Released - Oct '13

Meerkats Released From Police Custody

Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Threlfall had to hang their heads in shame when Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan returned Sunny S and Sunny V to school.  When he asked who was responsible for their safety, the Year 3 children had no qualms about pointing the finger of blame at their teachers!

Assistant Chief Constable Shewan advised the children to keep the meerkats out of trouble and definitely not let the teachers be responsible for keeping them safely in school!

Click on play button below to view some photographs. 


Class 1S - Naughty Bus Arrested!! - Oct '13

Update on the Class 1S - Naughty Bus

Since our last update we are afraid Naughty Bus has still been behaving badly - it has reached new heights!!! 

Click on play button below to see what!!!!


Class 1V - Naughty Bus Arrested!! - Oct '13

You may be aware that the Naughty Bus has been causing havoc in year 1.  We have had to contend with the type of behaviour never before seen in St Vincent’s school and we are up in arms!!!!

We therefore regret to inform you that the police have become involved and the Naughty Bus has been arrested. He will be returned to year 1 if, and only if, his behaviour can be corrected.

Click on play button below to view a slideshow of his bad behaviour.....…


Class 3S - Prayer & Worship - Oct '13

Class 3S reflected on the life of Mary as they dwelt on some of the mysteries of the rosary. On Thursday 24th October, 3S Prayer and Worship will be led by Leah, Emily and Mia. If you have ten or fifteen minutes to spare in the morning, we would love you to join us in our classroom at 8.35 a.m.

Click play button below to view a slideshow of our children:-


Y3 - Geography Walk - Oct '13

To support their topic on the local area, Year 3 walked from school to Doctor Dam in Norden on Wednesday 9th October.  They made notes on the change of land use in the area.  They also listed all the useful shops and facilities which Norden has to offer;  their opinion -

'Why live anywhere else?!' 

Click play button on slide show below to view their walk:-  


Y3 - Meerkat Mischief - Oct '13

The Year 3 children were shocked and disappointed to discover that Sunny S and Sunny V have been arrested for misbehaving in the John Rylands library in Manchester. 

As if that were not bad enough, they then made a 'run for it' when the policeman's back was turned! 

However, this resulted in an unfortunate accident which means the meerkats were last seen in hospital!

Year 3 are doing their best to persuade them to return to school and behave themselves.  Letters to Sunny S and Sunny V have been written.

Click play button below to view a slide show of the escapades......…


Class 3V - Prayer & Worship - Oct '13

Class 3V enjoyed a lovely time of prayer and worship this week, prepared and led by Jessica and Adam.

They selected calm music to help us sit in God’s presence and then they read to us from the book of Genesis about God’s act of creation.  After prayers, Jessica and Adam gave out the craft materials for us to make a simple model of ourselves, reminding us that we are God’s creation, all different and unique.

Click on play button below to view a slide show of the children at prayer & worship:- 


Class 1S - Naughty Bus - Oct '13

The Naughty Bus has been causing havoc in the Year 1 area, Class 1S cannot believe how naughty he has been.  Click on the play button below to view a slide show of his escapades.......!!  


Y3 - Thank you for being co-operative! - Oct '13

The children enjoyed 'checking out' the local Cooperative Store at Cutgate Shopping Precinct on Wednesday 25th September .  They made good use of their time discovering that the store stocked everything they would need to create a healthy, balanced meal.  All the children were given a piece of fruit and said they would definitely take their mums shopping there!

Click on play button to view slideshow below:- 


Whole School - Hail Mary! - Oct '13

Hail Mary!

What a joy to see so many children coming together to say the rosary.  Staff and pupils are all welcome to this daily act of worship.

Click play on video below to see some of our children praying.   


Y2 - Playground Party - Sept '13

We celebrated the Feast Day of St.Vincent on Friday 27th September with a playground party. 

Click on play button below to view slide show:-


Y5 - Jodrell Bank Trip - 26th September '13

Year 5 had a very exciting and interesting day at Jodrell Bank on Thursday 26th September, learning all about the Lovell Telescope, the stars and the planets in our solar system.  The weather was lovely, so the children ate their packed lunch outside.  Everyone agreed it was an excellent trip!

Click on the play buttons below to see a couple of slide shows of both classes, ENJOY!

Class 5S 



Class 5V






Y3 - Assembly - 27th Sept '13

Y3 - Assembly

Our Year 3 reflected on the message of our patron saint, Saint Vincent de Paul on Friday 27th September. His message was one of love and caring for those in need, especially children. We asked the children to bring a tin or packet of food for the Rochdale Food Bank, we are delighted to advise you that we donated 191 kilos of food which is a Primary School record for a collection. A huge thank you to everybody for your kindness. 


Y6 - Robinwood - October 2013


Crag Team



Wood Team





Mountain Team


Keep an eye on the website for photographs and slide shows throughtout this trip. (8.10.13)




Year 6 - Robinwood - Day Two



Click play button below to see some slideshows of Day Two at Robinwood - we hope you enjoy...... (9/10/13)



Crag Team




Wood Team



Forest Team



Ridge Team & General Photos



Mountain Team & General Photos





Various Photographs in a Slide Show





Year 3 - Food Families - Sept 2013

Year 3 embark on their first science topic of the term, 'Animals including humans'.  The children will investigate the different types of food which are necessary for a balanced diet.  Step one - sorting food into correct food groups.

Click play to view slide show below:- 


Class 3S - Prayer & Worship - Sept 2013

Class 3S reflected on their different family groups they belong to.  They talked about the families they were born into and how, through the sacrament of baptism, their parents wanted them to be part of God's family.

Press play to view slideshow below:-


Reception - First Few Days - Sept '13

The children have been having lots of fun in Reception.  They have all settled in well and are busy making lots of new friends.

Click play button below to view the slideshow: ;


Year 2 - Prayer & Worship - 13th Sept '13

Our Prayer and worship session this week focussed on being chosen.

We talked about why we chose our pebble and thought about being chosen by God.


Click on slide show below to view:- 


Year 2 - Prayer & Worship -
6th Sept '13

We had a lovely start to year 2 when we gathered together our pebbles.  Together the pebbles, which came from all over the world, made a big number 2.  This was our first prayer and worship with our pebbles which will now be known as our prayer pebbles. 

See slide show below, press the play button to view:-


Class 1V - Knuffle Bunny - Sept 2013

Year 1 have been having an exciting time getting to know Knuffle Bunny. We have studied the book in detail resulting in an excellent live performance and we have written the retell of the story independently! We have recreated the characters from the story in modelling clay, pastels and paper plates; and we have even made our own puppets to help us act out the story. Unfortunately Mrs Green has lost the 1V Knuffle Bunny so we have had to make ‘Lost’ posters to put up around the school – we hope someone finds him!..........

Click play button below to hear the children talking about Knuffle Bunny.


Class 5V - Martian Making

In Art, Class 5V made some amazing model Martians.  We have been reading "The War of the Worlds" in Literacy and are now very much Martian experts.  The children used plasticine to create some colourful and scary monsters.  Each Martian was given an unique name and the children were asked to explain their position in Martian society and debate, as a Martian, whether, Mars should invade the Earth!

Press play button to see slide show:-