Autumn Term

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Autumn Term


Y3 - Fraction Action - Jan 13

Year 3 have been having a slice of fraction action, in their maths lessons this week.  The children have looked at fractions of shapes, as well as fractions of numbers.  They discovered that their times tables knowledge helps them to understand how fractions work.  As the pictures show, it was easy as pizza pie!

Y2 - Science Experiments in the Snow! - Jan 2013

Forces and Motion

Year 2 took full advantage of the snowy weather to experiment with pushes, pulls and friction in the snow. We also noticed how much our muscles ached after all the pushing and all the laughing!

Y4 - ICT Creating Images - December 2012

This term the children in Year 4 have used the app Superimpose to create their own images. The inspiration for this came from ‘Ghosts of World War II’ by Jo Teewuisse. The children created a ghostly image and one with their favourite character in school. 

Y2 - Nicholas Allan Day - December 2012

Nicholas Allan Day

We hope you all enjoyed our Nicholas Allan themed concert. To celebrate the children’s brilliant performances we had a Nicholas Allan Day. The children had great fun making Father Christmas cakes, Loo Roll sandwiches and completing art, and design and technology activities based on the author’s books. We had a super day and the children produced some outstanding work. However, just in case the children have told you that they were drinking Father Christmas’s wee, don’t worry it was actually orange juice!

More photographs added 16.1.13 of the actual Nicholas Allan Workshop.  We hope you enjoy looking at them.   

Y2 - Christmas Cake - December 2012
Christmas Cake

As part of our topic on families and neighbours we have been thinking about Christmas traditions in our families. Thank you for sending in the carefully chosen baubles and photographs of Christmases when the children were young. We have enjoyed sharing these. We have also carried on the tradition of making Christmas Cake which the children will be bringing home to share with their families. We hope you enjoy it! What the children may not have realised was that they were also learning lots, including writing instructions for literacy, weighing and measuring for numeracy and changing materials as part of their science.

Y2 - Advent - December 2012

Year 2 were excited to find they had been visited by an Advent Angel who left them each a special gift – a booklet to help them prepare for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. The children are completing them very carefully and will bring them home before Christmas. Each child also made a promise to try and do something extra during Advent. We hope you’ve noticed them keeping their bedrooms tidy or setting the table for you! We also made angels to remind us of the promises we made and these have revealed a special thought each day to help us on our Advent journey.

School Carol Service

On Tuesday 18th December the whole school took part in a carol concert accompanied by 5 brass members of the Rochdale Music Service past and present.  It was a wonderful occasion and the children sang traditional carols and songs from their concerts.  A good time was had by all.   


French Nativity

Mrs Gillan would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children for putting in so much hard work over the last few weeks in drama.  Their accents are superb and their acting skills are second to none.  We hope you enjoy this fabulous performance as we enjoyed taking part in it.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this performance you can do so after the christmas holiday from the school office - cost only £5.00 each. 


Year 3 Nativity

"The Christmas Story"

Congratulations to the Children in Year 3 who performed 'The Christmas Story' in Church for parents, relatives & friends.  It was a wonderful polished performance of words and song.  Thanks also to the Year 6 choir who sang 5 modern carols so beautifully. 

If you would like to purchase a DVD, they are available from the school office for £5.00.


Year 6 Christmas Songs


Y2 Christmas Concert

Year 2 - Jesus’ Christmas Party – inspired by Nicholas Allan

You came to a Christmas Concert.  You came to hear us sing.  You heard us tell the story of the new-born Heavenly King! 

Well done to the children on a fantastic Christmas Concert. Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the DVD of the performance, they are available from the school office for £5.00. 


Y1 Prickly Hay

Year 1 Concert - "Prickly Hay'

This Christmas, Year 1 had a fantastic time producing their Cowboy themed nativity, 'Prickly Hay'.   It starred cowboys, cowgirls, animals, stable boys, stomping shepherds, angels, inn keepers, wise men, servants, Mary, Joseph and of course baby Jesus in an all singing, all dancing, toe-tapping extravaganza. 

If you didn't manage to come to the live shows, we hope you enjoy the recording below.  If you would like to purchase a DVD, they are available from the school office for £5.00.  Ye Hah!!


Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem Performance

Well done to the Year 6 Choir who sang so beautifully at the Hidden Gem Church in Manchester. The children performed a selection of modern and traditional carols to a packed congregation. Thank you to all the parents, relatives, friends and parishioners who came to watch and for your kind words of congratulations. See a video of our performance below.  

If you would like to purchase a DVD, they are available from the school office for £5.00.

Rec - Christmas Concert "The Nativity" - December 2012

This year the Reception children performed "The Nativity".  They told the Christmas story through catchy songs, actions, movement and dance. Each child got the opportunity to come and perform at the front of the stage and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to everyone who was so generous with their raffle contributions for Manchester Children’s Hospital, we raised a fantastic £213.20. 

Click on play button below to see a video of the performance. 

If you would like to purchase a DVD, they are available from the school office for £5.00.


Click on play button below to see a video of reception singing a Christmas Song.



Rec - Puppet Making - December 2012

We would like to thank the reception parents for the support with puppet making. The children have loved showing their friends their puppets and have used them on a daily basis during challenge time in many different ways e.g. to act out stories in the puppet theatre, during role play where they have taught their puppet new skills such as phonic songs etc.

Y5 - Hinduism Day - December 2012

On Monday 3rd December and Tuesday 4th December the children in 5V and 5S enjoyed a special day when they learnt about Hinduism. 

Mrs Singh very kindly spent two days with our year group explaining many Hindu customs and beliefs. The children learnt about several Hindu gods and how Hindu families worship in their own homes at a home shrine.  

All the children were given the opportunity to make a chapatti which was not as easy as it looked! Mrs Singh had made a fantastic filling of Bombay Potato which we all enjoyed trying.  

During the afternoon session the children learnt about the Hindu Festival of Divali or Light, which has many similarities with our New Year celebrations. Each child made a special ‘diva’ lamp out of clay.  The diva lamps are used in Hindu home shrines and where they are lit to symbolise enlightenment (knowledge of what is good). 

5S and 5V had a truly fantastic day and we are very grateful to Mrs Singh for all the hard work she put in to make it so enjoyable and informative.

Y3 - Advent Prayers - December 2012
Advent Prayer Time

The children in 3S will be taking turns each day to take home Nativity figures as a prayer focus during this Holy time. Please find a few minutes to pray with your children at home. 

Y6 - Science - December 2012

The children in Y6 have been investigating forces in their Science lessons.  They investigated the force of friction by carrying out an experiment where they carried jelly cubes with two sticks and repeated after covering the jelly cubes in oil.  They recorded their results in a bar chart.  They then investigated the force of air resistance by making paper spinners and dropping them from a height, measuring how long they took to fall to the ground and repeating with paper clips attached to the spinners to increase their weight.  

Y1 - Trip to Lancaster - November 2012

As part of their topic on Toys and the Victorians, Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Museum of Childhood in Lancaster on Friday 23rd November. The children had the opportunity to play with toys from long ago.

They visited the eighteenth Century cottage museum where they were transported to a life without piped water, central heating or even a toilet! They discovered gadgets and utensils used in the eighteenth century. We had a lovely day , enjoy the photos.

Y2 - Pumpkin Soup - "The Best You've Ever Tasted" - November 2012

Pumpkin Soup - The Best You've Ever Tasted!!

Thanks to all those parents and other family and friends who came to sample our pumpkin soup on Wednesday 14th November. We’re sure you will agree we have many master chefs in the making and it was lovely to share our produce with you. Some of your lovely comments were:

“Well worth the wait! Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out!”



“The best soup I have ever tasted. We will be making some tomorrow night.”



“What a treat!”

“Even better than Granny’s”

“Very well-flavoured”

“Yummy, yummy so scrummy!”

“Perfect for a winter’s day”


Y2 - Julia Donaldson Day - October 2012

Year 2 celebrated a very hardworking half -term with our eagerly awaited Julia Donaldson Day. A big thank you to all those who helped the children make the fantastic costumes because the children looked absolutely amazing! The day began by performing our Julia Donaldson assembly to the school and the children were terrific! We then got busy decorating buns, concocting magic potions and making jelly and wraps ready for our party in the afternoon. The children had a great time and learned lots!

Y2 - Baking Buns - October 2012

Year 2 children have been busy getting ready for their Julia Donaldson Day on Friday. They have baked buns to decorate on the big day but they haven’t just been having a great time. They have also been learning about using standard measures for weight (grams) and capacity (litres and millilitres) and will be continuing to use these practically over the next term. They should soon be a wonderful help in the kitchen!

Y2 - Apple Bobbling - October 2012

As part of our work on the Helen Cooper book Pumpkin Soup we have been thinking about special things we do with our families in autumn. When we tried our hand at apple bobbing we got very wet but it was great fun!

Rec - Puppet Making - Nov 2012

We would like to thank the reception parents for the support with puppet making. The children have loved showing their friends their puppets and have used them on a daily basis during challenge time in many different ways e.g. to act out stories in the puppet theatre, during role play where they have taught their puppet new skills such as phonic songs etc.

Children In Need 2012

Our non-uniform day on Friday 16th November in school for Children-In-Need was a great success. The children came to school with great bed head hair. From the donations received, the children created a wonderful spotty paper chain that was displayed in the school hall. It was a memorable fun event that all the children enjoyed.  

Thank you for purchasing a wrist band we have SOLD OUT!

Thank you so much for your contributions, we have raised a fantastic £916.58 for Children In Need. 

Y5 - Egyptians - History Topic - Nov 12

Year 5

As part of our Egyptian Topic in History we have been making pyramids, see the photographs below to see some of the results.  

Y3 - "Are We Nearly There?" - Norden Walk - Oct 2012

Despite the showery weather the children enjoyed a walk through Norden. 

They learned about the changes in the use of land over recent years from farms and mills, to houses. 

They recorded the useful facilities for families choosing to live in Norden Village.  

Y2 - Alien Invasion - Oct 2012

Year two have 2 visitors from outer space. All we know about them is that their mission is to find out what it is like to live on Planet Earth. The children in year two have been given the important task of helping the aliens with their mission. Each week the aliens decide who they would like to help them fill in their special Earth log book. We hope we can help the aliens with their mission by providing them with lots of information about the everyday lives of children on Planet Earth.  

Y1 - Outdoor Measuring - Oct 2012

Class 1v have had great fun in numeracy before the October half term.

They have been measuring in metres using a metre stick. So if you need help measuring for a new carpet or curtains, don't forget to ask your child to help you measure!

Enjoy the pictures.

Whole School - Mary, Queen of the Rosary - Oct 2012

The month of October is dedicated to the holy rosary. 

Thank you to all the children who have been to the library to pray the rosary during the month of October.  

KS1 - Disco Fun - Friday 19th ~October

The PTA worked very hard to produce a wonderful disco for the KS1 children on Friday 19th October.   We had 126 children attending along with their parents.  They enjoyed hot dogs, sweets , fabulous music & childrens tattoos. The parents had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of drinks from our bar area.

The whole event was a great success.

We made a whopping £370.00 from the night. 

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported this event. 

Y5 - Egyptian Day - 17th Oct 2012

On Wednesday 17th October the children enjoyed and Egyptian Day in school. Tempus Fugit, a small theatre company, visited the school. 

The day started with an interactive play. The children were given roles as Egyptian gods and pharaohs .They heard many stories about the Egyptian gods and their importance for the people at the time. They also learnt about the burial customs and how Egyptian society was organised. Later we looked at some Egyptian artefacts.  

After break the classes split up and each worked on a play to be performed later in the day for the Year 3 and 4 children. Before Year 5 the play the children performed an Egyptian dance that they had learnt in the course of the day. 

It all proved to be very enjoyable!

Click on play buttons below to view the videos from the day.




Y4 - Habitats - Oct 2012

In Year 4 this term we have been studying habitats. To conclude our topic the children went on a nature walk around the school grounds where they searched for minibeasts. We learnt about the ideal habitat for each creature and were very careful not to disturb their homes. 

Y2 - "Letters" - Oct 2012

Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed reading the letters written to them on the message board.

Here are some quotes that could be heard amongst the excitement as they read their letters.

"My mum thinks my work is amazing"

"My mum and dad think my work is fantastic"

"I can't believe my dad wrote to me"

"Isn't it wonderful how happy year 2 look. I can't believe they can read their letters so fluently"

We hope parents enjoyed reading their letters as much as the staff enjoyed watching the children read theirs.

Y2 - Prayer & Worship - Pebbles - Oct 2012

The pebbles that the children in year 2 have brought into school are amazing. The stories that go with the pebbles are even more amazing. Each pebble has such an interesting story as to how it got to St Vincent's.

We are using our pebbles as prayer pebbles. During prayer and worship we have been using our pebbles to help us to pray. We have made the shape of a cross with our pebbles and reflected on how much Jesus loves us. We have also made the shape of a heart with the pebbles and reflected on how God chose us. The pebbles will be used in our prayer sessions throughout the year so a big thank you to all who helped in making the choosing of the pebbles such a memorable experience.

Y5 - Sarcophagus Project - Oct 2012

Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children with their history projects during this half-term.  

In the final week of this project all the children in Year 5 brought in a model of a sarcophagus. Each child gave a presentation about the methods they used in the making of their model. The teachers were impressed at the wide variety of materials used to make them including clay, wood, cardboard . The children had researched the topic well and some of the finished products were real works of art. We have learnt from the children that they really enjoyed this creative part of the homework project and have improved their design skills in the process. We feel sure you will enjoy looking at the photos of the finished products as much as we did.  

Y1 - Numeracy - Measuring - Oct 2012

In numeracy the children have been measuring boxes, toys, items around school and themselves with a variety of objects! We have found out that we can estimate quite accurately, and that we can compare the length of things by measuring with all sorts of objects such as blocks as long as the blocks are all the same size. We have realised that the smaller the blocks the more we need! We have enjoyed using metre rulers to measure our toys and other objects around school and we are now using standard rulers to measure to the nearest centimetre! If you find any good on line measuring activities you enjoy we would love to know about them!

Y1 - Toy Investigation - Oct 2012

Year 1, have been having great fun investigating old and new toys. Everyone brought a toy of their own in to school and all the toys became really good friends. We had a lovely walk around school with our toys pointing out the features of our local environment and we are making some maps of the journey in class. The children might like to make maps of their toy’s journey to school over half term and bring them in to show us. We played with toys from long ago that we borrowed from Touchstones museum and we were surprised to find out that some of them were quite difficult to deal with! We are now having a go at making some toys ourselves – sock puppets, paper aeroplanes, dancing dolls and peg dolls so far! If anyone tries any out at home over half term please bring them in because we would love to see them. There are some nice on line activities to try on :-

Y3 - Science - Oct 2012


Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals - where does this go?

Our Year 3 children puzzle over a variety of foodstuffs as they begin their Science topic of Teeth and Healthy eating.

A trip to Cutgate Co-op helped the children assess their own knowledge of the food families they have been studying in class. 

Y5 - Martian Topic - Oct 2012

In Art 5V made some amazing model Martians.  We have been reading "The War of the Worlds" in Literacy and are now very much Martian experts.  The children used plasticine to create some colourful and scary monsters.  Each Martian was given a unique name and the children were asked to explain their position in Martian society!  

Y5 - Jodrell Bank - Sept 2012

Year 5 had a very exciting and interesting day at Jodrell Bank on Monday 24th September, learning all about the Lovell Telescope, the stars and the planets.  The weather was dreadful, but we still had a great time!


Y6 - Robinwood Trip - Oct 2012

Monday 8th October

Our Year 6 pupils have arrived safely at the Robinwood Centre.  They have been having great fun in canoes as you can see from the photographs.    

Tuesday 9th October 

More pictures have been added today of our children monkeying around !! and having a wonderful time in Robinwood. 

Wednesday 10th October

Some more photographs added, showing the children having even more fun times from Robinwood. 

We will add more photographs on the children's return.  

Y6 - Crucial Cew Visit - Sept 2012

On Tuesday 25th September, the Year 6 children attended the "Crucial Crew" event which is a  multi agency scheme aimed at 10-11 year old children.  The children took part in a variety of workshops designed to help them in developing their personal safety and social responsibility. We hope that they will remember the many important messages which they were given today.    

Y6/Rec - Special Friends Gathering - Sept 2012

The children in Year 6 were very excited to meet their special friends from the Reception classes on Friday 21st September. After they had been introduced, they made a spider with them and gave them a leaflet with their photograph which they had made in class to take home. They will meet up every Friday afternoon from now on and do lots of different activities with them.

Class 1S - PE Games - Sept 2012

Class 1S enjoyed their first PE session in September without the interruption of rain.  They used a variety of small games equipment.  They had great fun.   

Class 1V - Fun In Class Sept 2012

We have had a fantastic start in Year 1 exploring the different areas of the classroom and applying our skills to new tasks.

We are having lots of fun as you can see from the photos!

Rec - New Intake of September 2012

We are very pleased with how well all the reception children have settled into their new school. We have had lots of fun.