General Information

Assessment Policy

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Assessment Policy

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Your child’s progress is assessed throughout their time in school. The results and progress are recorded using different methods, which you are very welcome to look at. This year we are reviewing the assessment procedures used in school, as we look at the use of data and tracking systems to improve each pupils' progress.

Your child’s progress will be discussed with you at the parents’ days and evenings held throughout the year. All records and reports kept by school on your child are available for you to read through and discuss with the teachers.

A Foundation Profile of your child will be completed at the end of the Reception Year.

At the request of the DfE, a formal assessment of the children in Year 6 will be completed in the summer term. The results of this assessment and teacher assessment will be sent to you and to the Secondary School.


National Curriculum Tests (Referred to as SATs)

These take place in the summer term for Years 2 & 6. You will be informed about your child’s results in July.

The SATs for this year’s Y6 will take place 8th to 12th May 2017. These tests can not be taken at any other time of the year.  Please ensure your child is in school during these dates.

The SATS for this year’s Y2 will take place at the beginning of the summer term over a two week period.

You will receive information regarding these assessments at the end of the year.