Extra Curricular

Additional Activities

St. Vincent de Paul R.C. Primary School.

Additional Activities

UNICEF Amnesty International

The school is affiliated to UNICEF and Amnesty and is a member of the Junior Section. Every year the Amnesty International group in school sends christmas cards and write to prisoners of conscience. 


Before and After School Supervision

School will supervise your child from 7.45 a.m. till 8.35 a.m. each morning and from 3.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. each evening. A charge is made for this service.  A bill will be issued via email to you.



If you wish your child to attend Brownies — please contact Sabrina or Sam on 07729 646685. (updated 21.3.17)

Brownies meet every Tuesday evening in school from 6.00-7.15 p.m.  It starts this autumn term Tuesday 13th September. 


Book Fairs

The school organises a book fairs throughout the year.  Details will appear on the website with any dates. 



Before they are allowed to use the computers we ask all parents and children to sign a contract. School is connected to the Internet and children are allowed to use the computers and ‘surf’. The school has built a computer room to house our PCs. We have established a network system and provided all children with their own E-mail address.



French is taught to all of the Key Stage 2 classes as part of the school’s curriculum.



The new library is now up and running.  Children are able to choose and return books themselves using the exciting bar code scanner.  The library is timetabled for each class to use throughout the week.  The children are really enjoying reading the new selection of books and are allowed to take them home.  Please encourage your child to read as often as possible at home.


Multi Cultural Activities Club 

Multi Cultural Club sometimes runs through lunchtime.  When the club is on we will advise the children.   

Some of the activities covered are:

* North & Native American Art
* Henna Painting
* Cooking
* Puppets
* Listening to different Music and making an Instrument


Paired Reading

The Year 6 children are paired with younger children and listen to them read during lunch times. 

The Year 6 children enjoy this responsibility and the younger children enjoy the chance to demonstrate their reading skills to someone different.  



Our PTA is made up of parents who meet once a month with the aims of raising money for school funds, involving parents in school life and promoting a ‘community spirit’ based around school activities.

We try to organise fun events for your children, such as KS1 and KS2 discos and at the same time raise funds to purchase equipment or provide facilities that otherwise could not be funded by the school.

For example in 2010 we provided a state of the art projector and electric projector screen in the school hall, which is used for assemblies and various parental meetings. Also in 2010 we funded skipping workshops for the whole school which was a huge hit. Previous contributions we have made to school have included the electronic library system, the portable staging system, leavers  disco and t-shirts for all signed by their classmates, the potting shed and tools,  one of the large containers in the main playground, which provides storage for lots of sports equipment, to name a few. 

We now  meet in school, on the first Tuesday of each month during school time at 6.30pm in the staff room.   


Residential Study

Children in Year 6 are taken on a residential trip for three days each year.

Throughout the 1990s we stayed in Scarborough and in 2001 and 2002 visited ‘Kingswood Activity Centre’ in Staffordshire.  In 2003-2008 we visited the Denbigh site of ‘Kingswood’ in North Wales.  In 2009 we visited 'Robinwood' in Todmorden and had a very successful trip

Following on from the success in 2009 the children revisited Robinwood since and had a marvellous time. 


Special Friends

Year 6 are allocated a child in reception. Each Friday afternoon the Year 6 children read and play with their  special friends as well as other structured activities.  The Year 6 children build up a relationship with their special friends throughout the year and look after them around school and during playtimes.